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3DMark Crack

3DMark 2.22.7381 Crack With Serial Key For Free!


3DMark Crack is the world’s most popular gaming benchmark. It measures your PC’s gaming performance using scenes containing game materials used in commercial games. (You can select scenes that match your game genre.) Press the “Benchmark” button to see your PC’s detailed results. It provides the most accurate and widely accepted benchmark available for consumer computing devices. It makes it easy for you to compare your hardware with the thousands of others who have taken the test.

Check out Fire Strike Ultra, the world’s most demanding 4K gaming benchmark. Test 4K performance and find out if your PC is ready for the future of gaming! How does your PC fare against the rest? Check your scores in a range of benchmark tests and compare them with other PCs using a comprehensive score database. Dive into tweakable performance metrics and tweak your settings to squeeze out that extra frame rate or push for that higher score.

Now, you can find out whether your computer is ready for the latest PC games. 3DMark for PC includes all the features you need to benchmark all types of computers and devices – from low-end phones and tablets to Intel Core i5 and Core i7 gaming desktops. The latest version of 3DMark comes with new Ultra HD, Mobile HDR, and Vulkan benchmark tests, making it the essential PC benchmark.

Take a walk on the high-tech side with results from the world’s first real-time ray-tracing benchmark. Watch a never-before-seen windmill construct itself, or a dragon emerge from the darkness. The only limit is your imagination. You will instantly find out whether your device is ready for Windows 10 on ARM and DirectX 12 or not.

3DMark Crack

The wildlife benchmark is a cross-platform performance test. The goal is to run this benchmark and compare results across platforms, whether your Windows Notebook, Android Smartphone, or Apple iPhone. Time Spy brings the next generation of benchmarking to Windows 10 PCs! Realistic and scalable workloads and support for new features like asynchronous compute and multi-threading make Time Spy a benchmark for today – and tomorrow’s hardware.

3DMark 2.22.7381 Crack With Serial Key For Free!

3DMark is extremely easy to use, and you’ll get instant results whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a stress test or a PC enthusiast running benchmarks on your new build. We’ve made a new benchmark test for high-end systems. It’s 4K and packed with loads of new features that make it the ultimate test for modern gaming PCs. We’re calling it “Time Spy Extreme,” and it’s available now in the Benchmark Editor of our Advanced and Professional Editions.

Benchmark Tests

Port Royal

Port Royal uses the latest DirectX 12 features to deliver realistic real-time ray tracing Port Royal. As well as testing performance, this demo provides an early look at the potential of real-time ray tracing in games with impressive architecture detail, reflections, and shadows. Its high complexity scene is demanding even for the latest graphics cards.

Night Raid

Night Raid is a benchmark designed for devices capable of running Windows10 on ARM. The test works best on DirectX 12 systems capable of achieving high frame rates in Time Spy but cannot attain the desired performance levels at their native resolutions.

Wild Life

The new Wild Life benchmark makes it easy to compare the graphics performance of the latest PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It uses the Vulkan graphics API on Windows PCs and Android devices. On iOS devices, it uses Metal. You can compare scores across platforms.

Time Spy

Time Spy is the latest DirectX 12 benchmark, and it’s ideal for testing your gaming PC’s performance. It’s built on a brand new engine designed to take advantage of the next generation of graphics APIs, and it includes several cutting-edge features. You can now finally try out the new DirectX 12 benchmark from Futuremark. It’s a way to test your computer’s graphical capabilities and compare them with other people from all around the world.

Time Spy Extreme

Time Spy Extreme is a brand-new DirectX 12 benchmark test for both the Advanced and Professional Editions. Because it’s a 4K test, you’ll need a GPU with at least 4 GB of dedicated memory to run it. With its 4K rendering resolution, Time Spy Extreme is an ideal benchmark for high-end graphics cards. 3DMark no longer measures GPU performance – the new CPU test measures the processor’s ability to handle DirectX11 and 12 features. The CPU test makes several passes and reports a final score, recorded and compared against other systems.

Fire Strike

Fire Strike is a challenging benchmark that can push gaming PCs to their limit. See how your PC compares to others, and find out if your system is ready for the latest DirectX 11 games.

Sky Diver

For gamers on the go, we still think it’s important to test your rig occasionally. 3DMark is a benchmark you can run on almost any system and still get results that provide an excellent idea of how well your machine handles games and applications

Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is a new benchmark based on the same graphics engine used in the upcoming ‘Fire Strike Ultra’ 4K benchmark. Designed for home PCs and notebooks, it uses a DirectX 11 engine to test 720p, 1080p, and 1600p resolutions on integrated graphics cards.

3DMark is a popular benchmarking tool for gamers and system builders.


  • 3DMark provides an excellent way to compare the performance of different PCs.
  • It is easy to use and offers a variety of options for benchmarking your PC.
  • 3DMark is free to download and use.


  • 3DMark is a synthetic benchmark, meaning that the results may not indicate real-world performance.
  • Some gamers feel that 3DMark is different from modern games.
  • It is not compatible with all PCs.

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