AnyTrans 8.9.5 Crack 2023 With License Key (Lifetime)

Anytrans Crack

AnyTrans 8.9.2 Crack 2022 With License Key (Lifetime)


AnyTrans Crack gives you full control over your iPhone content, including music, photos, videos, messages, books, and all types of files. Whether it’s an old iPhone 5s or a new iPhone XS Max, you can click on a specific category in AnyTrans to transfer content from a computer to an iDevice with no hassle.

It is a comprehensive iPhone transfer software and app file manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your Apple devices and apps. AnyTrans can now manage your content for iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes, and iCloud. It also brings you 100% brand-new experience managing music, photos, and other files from phone to phone across iOS devices (incl. iPhone 7), Android phones (incl. Samsung Galaxy S7), Windows PC, or Mac computers. Now you can explore, download and manage any data from iPhone to the computer with ease!

Your iPhone can play any video automatically once you install this app. All the classic movies or camcorder recordings can be displayed directly on your iPhone or iPad without being converted into another format. Your technical experts have significantly optimized the sound and image.

Before Anytrans, you may have to put your iPhone on the table, open your computer, connect it to your iPhone and then manually drag photos from one to another. It’s a tedious process, of course. With Anytrans, now you find all of your photos in one place, on any device you have. See? Everything is made easier and faster with Anytrans.

Anytrans Full Version

The iOS 15 fully supports the new iPhone 12 Pro and packs several excellent features. It allows you to have your favorite widgets on your home screen intelligently change based on what you need throughout the day. And it can help you easily transfer the info from your old iPhone to the new one for a smooth upgrade experience.

Moreover, it is more than an iPhone manager; and it’s a wonderful daily assistant to help you manage your life. One day you may want to transfer your music and videos from your iPhone to a computer; the following day, a friend might ask you for the same songs and videos, but now they are in a different format. This app makes this possible by providing fast and convenient service and quality conversion.

AnyTrans 8.9.2 Crack 2022 With License Key (Lifetime)

Transfer data to a new iPhone 12 Pro (Max) with ease. With this software, you can clone all or partial contact/messages/photos/music/voice memo/calendar/notes from the old iPhone to the iPhone 12 Pro (Max).

It brings all your scattered content back to one place, so you never have to share overlapping data again. It doesn’t matter what device you use or multiple Apple IDs. AnyTrans merges everything for you without the hassle of duplicates, and it’s compatible with all kinds of iOS devices. It is the only comprehensive and organized management system available for multiple Apple users!

Features of Anytrans Crack + License Code (2022) Free Download

AnyTrans 8.9.2 Crack 2022 With License Key (Lifetime)

It cuts the unwanted cord and enables you to manage iPhone, iPhone everywhere.

It is an all-inclusive tool to manAnyTrans cuts the unwanted cord and enables you to manage iPhone, iPhone everywhere. Manage your content on iDevices, iTunes, and the Cloud. With it, you will enjoy more freedom than ever before to transfer and sync your cherished files between Mac and PCs, iPhone, iPod, iPad touch, and iTunes. Back up your files, download music from iCloud, iTunes Store, and other sources, export and retrieve important contents, etc.

Play videos on Retina Display.

Your iPhone is a cinematography studio! With AnyTrans, the classic movies you used to watch on your home theater, or those camcorder recordings you took on sightseeing, are now no longer confined to the computer. You can transfer them onto iPhone and enjoy them in full resolution anytime you want.

Put your images in the right place.

The greatest moments of your life should be easy to manage, enjoy, and most of all, share. Photos hold memories that we never want to forget, so it’s important to keep them safe and organized. AnyTrans introduces a brand-new way to manage your photos smartly and smoothly. You get a large window with only your favorite pictures in it through just a few clicks. You can organize your photos quickly with those handy features like merging duplicate albums and scrolling through thousands of images with ease.

Copy & back up everything inside.

It is an all-in-one and completely free iPhone app manager that allows you to back up your iPhone/iPad. Managing your iOS apps and files has never been easier. Use AnyTrans to install, uninstall or backup apps, organize and transfer files, upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone in 1 click.

Taking care of personal data

Go to a new platform, you can always bring all of your contacts, messages, and any other data you have on your old phone. And when you connect a brand-new iPhone to the computer, everything will copy to the iPhone. That’s the easiest way to start using a new phone in modern history.

Pleasant Experience Of Upgrading Your Devices

As for iPhone to iPhone, the clone is the one tool you can trust, with any data transfer taking place directly on your device. It gets your data ready for use immediately after the transfer and requires no waiting time. Just as it did in the source device, each piece of data will retain its original quality and format in the target device. Refer to Clone from Old iPhone/iPad to New iPhone 12/12 Pro (Max) for more details.

Access contents of different devices

Managing multiple iPhones, iPads, and iPods can be tiresome and time-consuming. AnyTrans brings you a hassle-free way to make it work for you. Say goodbye to the days of signing into different Apple IDs – with the click of a button; all your favorite content is merged into your daily use iPhone/iPad. Save yourself time, effort, and worry; imagine how more productive you could be.

AnyTrans is a great way to manage your music collection, but there are some drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of using AnyTrans:


  • You can manage your music collection more efficiently
  • Moreover, you can find duplicates and clean up your collection more easily
  • You can sync your music collection across multiple devices


  • The interface can be confusing to use
  • AnyTrans can be slow to respond at times
  • You may need to pay for some features

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