Being A DIK Walkthrough [v0.9.0] + Free Download

Being A DIK Walkthrough


Being A DIK Walkthrough follows an immigrant boy named Bieneke who moves away to study at B&R, a fictional university. DIK is the story of a boy leaving his small town behind to experience college at a prestigious school. The plot follows the protagonist, Erik Halgrimson, as he becomes corrupted and influenced by the social struggles of his peers at school.

It is a story game featuring regularly updated routes focused on fun, light-hearted scenarios and social, romantic relationships. The game features an immersive and in character story where you can choose between multiple paths of love and friendship. The more you talk to characters, the closer your relationship with them will become. You can check out which characters you have earned a relationship point with. As you get closer and closer to a character, that character’s color will turn lighter.

The game is a chick point and dik point simulator, where you choose how to interact with a bunch of chicks and one dik. They’re going to tell you their opinion on how much they like you. After the summer, it’s time for more fun and pleasure. In this game, you play as a young guy looking for love and good times. You will encounter different situations and environments, so we want to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Being A DIK Walkthrough [v0.8.1] + Free Download

Being A Dik Walkthrough Free Download

Being a DIK is the eighth generation of games, and they’re just getting better. You can create your character in this game, but be sure not to do bad things, or your mother might find out! Being a DIK is easy. You need to use the Being A DIK Guide and walkthrough. These guides will teach you how to install your private server within 3 days for free.

If you think you need to download Being A DIK, you are in the right place. It is also possible to download it in Italian and Spanish versions. Being a DIK (that’s “Dreamy Idealistic Kid”) is fun! And if you can combine your mannerisms with a bit of our game, then you’re in for the time of your life. It’s the kind of life where everything is interesting, and nothing hurts!

Love to play games? We’ve got you covered. The Being a Dick game has mini-games that save your progress on the main storyline. Play them to get special rewards. You are sitting in a room with four of your best friends. The family? Not necessarily the ones you’re related to. The ones that support you through your life and help you live the life you want to lead.

This sexy girl is like the girl who works at the ice cream stand in your local mall. You’ve been in love with her since you first saw her two months ago! She will continue that she’s stayed at this crappy summer job because of you!

Relationship points

You can earn relationship points with every character in the game, and we’ll mark every relationship point you can earn to help you keep track of what you’ve earned.


A point system decides who you will become as the game progresses. And you must have enough points, depending on your choices, to continue. As long as you’re nice to everyone, you’re a good guy! But if you start acting like a jerk to anyone, you’ll lose Relationship Points with them.


You will unlock mini-games as you level up. They’re optional, but they offer badly-needed rewards if you choose to play them. You will see the text which says that, “My dad once told me that a family is more than blood relations. Being related doesn’t necessarily make you family. The family is the people who support you in your choices, and you are my family.”

You will see a guy who has just gotten a driver’s license, and he is so excited. Of course, his mom died shortly after giving birth to him, but that shouldn’t be a kind of a shame that he never got to meet his mom. You will hear why he never got to meet his mom?! You will see a girl whose name is Josy.

You’ve admired her for so long. And now she’s finally your girlfriend! But how do you make sure that she’s always going to remember you? You kiss her every day and stay close to her. Make sure she can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth and smile too! You are the best partner a girl could wish for! In this game, you will play as a DIK clerk, and your boss is a very nice guy named Clerk. You should be careful with what you say to him because he is very short-tempered, especially if you are a newcomer.

A high game score will make you more attractive to the girls in your school, and a low score means that girls won’t even pay attention to you. If you don’t like someone, just don’t let your guard down and drag the relationship; otherwise, you might get rejected or maybe even caught.


  • You get to be the first person to play the game
  • Also, you get to see the game before anyone else
  • You get to help shape the game


  • You have to deal with a lot of bugs and unfinished content
  • Also, you have to do a lot of testing
  • You have to be very patient

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