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Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC (Emulator) (Windows + MAC)

Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC

Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC (Emulator) (Windows + MAC)


Ninja Kiwi has developed an upgrade to their previous version of Bloons TD. Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC includes a new and improved look with high-definition graphics and custom animations. Although it still has the same objective of stopping balloons from making it to the end goal, all towers and levels were revamped. There are no in-game purchases required to play the game, but there is an optional premium currency with in-game purchases.

The award-winning “Bloons TD” franchise has a history that started back in 2007 with the first release of “Bloons TD 1”. The creators, brothers Stephen and Chris Harris, were inspired by balloons and darts from carnival games. The popularity from the first Bloons TD launched the series to further fame.

You can play Bloons TD 6 on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop. It has a four-star rating and has been played more than three billion times. If you like arcade games that require strategy and planning, then you’ll love this latest installment of the series.

It is an awesome game that you can play on a desktop, laptop, or mobile. Your objective of the game is to defeat the Bloons threat. You can assemble powerful monkey towers, read their abilities, get upgrades, track new bloons and learn new skills. The more you come up with creative ways of passing through all of the challenging rounds of the game, the more creative your approach will be.

It is a fun tower defense game with a lot of content and simple but addictive gameplay. However, you need to watch out for the microtransactions, as they might give paying players some unfair advantages.

Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC

Moreover, it is an amazing game. The maps are very well implemented and make the game more interesting. However, it’ll be hard to see the monkey towers when playing hard levels, which prevent the player from properly playing. You can upgrade them to three different tiers, but they can upgrade up to 5 tiers in some cases. There are many types of towers in the game, each specializing in attacking a particular type of balloon.

The hero monkey can have up to 20 monkey tower upgrades and unique abilities. The Deep Monkey Knowledge System provides original gaming features and has up to 100 meta upgrades. You can customize your monkey’s abilities to crush the balloons! Features of this game include powerful upgrades that change the way you play the game. You can use these unique abilities to fight against the bloons.

Bloons TD 6 Free Download PC (Emulator) (Windows + MAC)

These upgrades will help you get through the difficult challenges that lie ahead. If you want to play offline, that’s okay, too. You can also compete against Team Monkeys or bloons in various single-player modes, such as Restricted Monkeys, CHIMPS Rules, and Double Health MOABs.

It has many new features that are very addicting. The interface is nice and straightforward, so you can start playing within seconds. A new feature is the Path 3 upgrade, which brings a whole new level of complexity to the game. Another is a brand new map editor. It is a great improvement over the previous versions, as players now have a greater level of customization in their games. You can choose between different types of terrain or make islands out of plastic cups!


Destroy balloons using ninja monkeys

Get ready to battle the balloons with the most anticipated continuation of the famous Bloons series. The game featured on some of the top gaming portals will keep you entertained for hours with its easy-to-learn-yet-hard-to-master gameplay.

In the latest installment in the Bloons Tower Defense series, you will be tasked with protecting your tower from a bunch of annoying balloons that are trying to attack it. You use the resources at your disposal to build nifty upgrades that include crazy gadgets, such as exploding dolphins and ninja monkeys. The goal is not easy, though: if a balloon reaches its final destination, you lose.

Send wave after wave of bloons to the enemy.

In the verses Mode, you’re not just on defense. You can purchase bloons from a long list of available ones. Each of them comes in a different color, and they are tougher to destroy the more expensive they are. They can also have special abilities like super speed and random direction switching to make it tough for the enemy to hit them.

You can enjoy many features and modes, such as classic versus tower defense or the one-player story mode. The enemy AI has been improved and makes for a much more enjoyable experience than before. Enjoy an amazing variety of levels and different scenarios, with each level taking place in a different period.

Other Features

  • Go head-to-head with a friend in two-player Bloons TD!
  • Play over 20 custom Battles tracks, with three difficulty levels to choose from. Stuck on a tricky track? No worries, you can skip the tracks you’re struggling with directly from the Battles lobby!
  • The Bloons are back and better than ever with their never-before-seen COBRA Tower in 22 awesome maps with 8 awesome upgrades!
  • It introduces a brand new mode, Assault Mode, in which two teams face off against each other. Build up your defenses, send bloons directly to your opponent, and try to pop their towers first!
  • Defensive Mode gives you and your challenger a set amount of money to be the last one standing. If the round ends and you have more money than your opponent, you win!

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Getting Over It Download For PC [Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1]

Getting Over It Download For PC

Getting Over It Download For PC


Getting Over It Download For PC is a game created by Bennett Foddy. You need to move the hammer with your mouse. If you learn the rhythm, you will be able to jump, swing, climb and fly. The opportunities are great, and the rewards will be more than you can imagine when you finish the game.

Holding the movement keys down will make your character slowly trudge up the steep slope, but if you need to get over a small ledge, rather than chasing a clock in a button-mashing contest, leap off the cliff into the abyss below and your guy will hug a boulder then hold on tight while reeling himself upward. Just remember to let go, or you’ll plummet.

Indulge your inner mountain goat or challenge yourself to one of the most difficult video games ever made. Tough to get through but worth it once you get the hang of it. You’ll feel like a champ when you accomplish something. We created a game that makes you climb a mountain. You have to cross the monkey bars again and again. It takes hours of your time.

Hop on your computer and virtually climb atop a mountain of handcrafted washer-sized concrete boulders without any safety equipment. We dare you not to love it. Just one look at this mountain will explain why the Bible talks about the ‘oceans of wine. The view is sure to reward even the hardiest hiker with a sense of accomplishment.


In Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, you will play as a man stuck in a pot. He has a sledgehammer, and his objective is to get to the top of a mountain. The controls will be easy enough to learn, but your goal might prove quite difficult to accomplish. It’s possible to play using a keyboard only, though it is considerably harder because of the lack of precision.

The actual gameplay consists of the player controlling an unnamed chap attempting to scale a large mountain using mining equipment. There are no pre-set paths up the mountain; the player must choose their way over the many rocks, cliffs, and chasms that make up the landscape. Along the way, various philosophical quotations (and quips from your fictitious guide) will encourage you to persevere.

You are a mountain goat. Climb up the side of a mountain to get to the top. Along the way, you will discover powerful themes about disappointment and perseverance.

You are tasked with untying yourself from ropes, climbing up a mountain, performing platforming challenges, and even flying across gaping chasms. If you’re not recording your gameplay, there’s no way to keep track of where you are or how far exactly you have left to go. If you’re stuck, you can get advice or sympathy from other people who are stuck too. Discouragement is mitigated by the understanding, belonging, and incentive to complete the game.

Unfair and absurd

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynicism. He gained notoriety for his unconventional choices of where to sleep, like the inside of a large ceramic jug in the middle of a marketplace. To control his movements and ascend the mountainside, you must swing the Yosemite hammer.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a frantically difficult game that asks you to click to lift a hammer into the air then swings it at a pile of wooden crates. The crates have varying quantities of nails sticking out of them, so any little misstep or bad swing can see you suffering a hard fall back to a certain point of the game or, at worst, the very beginning. Simultaneously, listen up for Foddy’s voice, which you can hear spouting commentary about your current situation.

Not a game filled with extreme levels, this game has a straightforward concept of a man climbing a mountain against all odds. But it’s so addictive that some people have been known to play for more than 13 hours! You might not survive the challenges in the Endless Mountain — but you will have some good laughs while attempting them!

Ending it with a personal touch

Immediately after you’ve finished the game (and either won or lost), tap the enter key, then type “!lobby” into the chatbox. It will lead to our secret chatroom, where you can talk to people all over the world about how you’re feeling. It’s especially great for sharing how you felt when finishing (or failing). This game is for you when you don’t want to ruin a good relationship and want to avoid an awkward conversation.

Getting Over It Download For PC


  • Grab your hammer and jump on the pot! Climb up a massive mountain, or race your friends to the top. Always fun, never frustrating.
  • That’s right. The game will drive you insane. But before you throw your PC out the window, remember how many hours it took to get to this point. That’s what makes it fun!
  • Hurt yourself in this punishing, hilarious comedy of errors. But beware, you are not alone! Act together with your friends to smash your best times. Use teamwork or perish alone.
  • Feel like you’re hitting a wall? Jump right over it and say, “WHOOPS.” It’s easy to learn and difficult to master — we dare you to try!
  • It’s a tough climb, but the view is spectacular. You can return to our site any time for another challenge.


  • The game is extremely challenging and requires a lot of patience and skill to complete.
  • The feeling of accomplishment when you finally complete the game is immense.
  • The game is incredibly satisfying to play.
  • The graphics and art style are absolutely gorgeous.
  • The game‘s soundtrack is absolutely fantastic.


  • The game is extremely challenging and may be frustrating for some players.
  • The game requires a lot of time and effort to complete.
  • Some players may find the game‘s art style to be offputting.

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