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Fate Of Irnia [v1.0] + Walkthrough [PC Game] Download

The Fate Of Irnia


Fate Of Irnia is a challenging turn-based RPG with a complex rogue-like and grid-based movement system. The world of Irnia is changing after 20 years of war against orcs. A team of two, separated by Fate and destined to be reunited, fight the darkness independently. Every 12 years, 4 heroes rise from each of the four corners of the land to fight off their greatest foes in the name of their homeland. You are one such hero, but the Fate and destiny of your homeland are dire.

Fate Of Irnia is a hybrid between visual novel and adventure RPG, giving you an unprecedented amount of freedom. Be good or evil, be a dickhead or do some charity – it’s entirely up to you! There’s something for everyone: from hardcore action fans to Japanese school romance story fans.

Gaming for everyone – that’s the goal of Fate Of Irnia. We aim to bring you a gaming experience that’s immersive, enjoyable, and above all, fun. If this sounds good to you and you want to try what we have created, check out the game. You can’t stop talking about it! So what is Fate Of Irnia about? Well, about a cat named Ogrest, who turns into a real jerk and creates havoc in the universe. He does that by trying to collect all the magical Will of Irnia.

A story rich in horror, mystery, and gore. The Empire of Irnia is a country with a troubled history that has now restored its independence after a long time of being occupied by the kings of nearby nations.

Fate Of Irnia [v1.0] + Walkthrough [PC Game] Download

Fate Of Irnia Download

Moreover, it is a fun and free game that offers a fun role-playing experience, similar to the worlds of Skyrim or World of Warcraft. You get to choose from multiple characters with different skills and virtues, and the Fate of the realm lies in your hands!

The kingdom needs a fearless hero to defeat the evil forces of the orc and goblin and protect the realm from destruction. Will you answer their call for help? Can you brave hordes of enemies and take on an epic journey of love and romance?

It’s a game that re-defined the genre in so many ways, created by Sylvain Seccia, the first visual novel funded on Kickstarter. It is a complex story with lots of dialogues and adult scenes. Plus, it is full of moral decisions that can change how you play it. It is not just a copy from some visual novel, Fate Of Irnia is unique in every way.

You will battle ferocious orcs and powerful bosses. You will develop a strong relationship with your characters and customize them according to the way you play. Irnia is a kingdom of ancient magic, where incredible adventures await you and your friends. There are over 300 locations for you to explore in your search for glory and treasures. You can join forces with fellow adventurers or strike out on your own. As the adventures go further, the gameplay elements start to multiply. You can choose what skills your character will learn, what traits they will develop (decided by you), and which path they will follow.

Save The Land And Get The Girls

Fate Of Irnia is a 3D role-playing game that pits you against an army of orcs. The story revolves around the fact that every 12 years, the king must send a hero to defeat the orcish menace and restore peace in the land. With the Fate Of Irnia, you can set out on an exciting journey and see many different places populated with hundreds of different characters of all kinds – warriors, priests, or mages.

With the Fate Of Irnia, you can set out on an exciting journey and see many different places populated with hundreds of different characters of all kinds – warriors, priests, or mages. When you play this game, you’ll see beautiful girls in hot armor who are ready to show you more than just how to fight orcs. Furthermore, Fate has the classical RPG elements we all know and love.

You come back to your native village after a couple of years and discover that the life you knew has changed dramatically. Strangers are now living in your family house and are trying to take away what remains of your family home. To save it, however, you will need to join forces with madam Arina of the nearby brothel. Will you be able to resist this tempting lady’s charms long enough to reclaim your house?

A realistic and engaging strategy game immerses you in a world that has the gameplay of an adventure yet the strategy of war. Join 7 characters in their quest to bring an end to an evil tyrant!

Graphics And Gameplay

Explore the world of Fate Of Irnia, a colorful fantasy RPG that tells the story of Lukretia, a simple girl whose life changes drastically when she discovers she is destined for something big. With lots of great characters, terrific combat, and a beautiful world to explore, Fate Of Irnia will keep you playing for hours on end. It is a fantasy-themed game where you can have your way with either male or female characters. The artwork is top-notch and makes the game look like a high-budget video game production. The people of Irnia are suffering because of the High Chancellor’s selfishness, but there is hope. One prophet foretold that a stranger would come and make things right. That stranger is you.

Fate Of Irnia is an online game that lets players take on the role of a fantasy character in a virtual world. The game has a lot of potential and can be very addicting, but it also has some serious flaws.


  • Fate Of Irnia is a unique game that allows players to create their own characters and explore a virtual world.
  • The game has a lot of potential and can be very addicting.
  • The graphics and audio are both well done.


  • The game is extremely buggy and is often unplayable.
  • The game is also very unbalanced, making it difficult to progress.
  • Customer service is nonexistent, making it difficult to get help when you need it.

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Night of Revenge Download (PC Game) Free Updated

Night Of Revenge PC Game Free Download


Night of Revenge Download is a 2D action game inspired by classic anime like Berserk, Ninja Scroll, or Deadman Wonderland! We pay great attention to graphic production, making each silhouette of our characters has its own identity. It combines the 2D modern design aesthetic of Jet Set Radio with strong boss battles of Dark Souls’ difficulty level!

You play as Aradia, the main female protagonist of the game who fights corruption, and her mission is to save girls who are being torn and tortured by monsters; you’ll be navigating each level fighting enemies and bosses along the way with some light puzzle-solving elements in stages with many unique enemies.

This skintight costume comprises a top and a skirt. The top part is a mock turtle neck with a band collar and a front zipper, while the bottom is a miniskirt with attached leggings. It has a strap going around the waist, which fastens via a Velcro patch in the back. Near the groin, the main body of the outfit narrows into a thong-like strip of material that runs down to her knees.

She enjoys fight scenes involving bare-fisted boxing since it is her preferred style. However, she is not opposed to using weapons. She has a great body, a great personality, and knows how to use her witch powers.

Night of Revenge Download (PC Game) Free Download


Aradia is usually seen with whatever is in fashion, most notably her blue hair. She likes to be up-to-date with the latest trends and knows how to make sure everyone notices her. She is an eclectic, creative girl with exceptional magical powers. Plus, she is very cheerful and spunky yet loves to hang out with her best friends.

Moreover, she is wearing a dark blue dress, criss-cross lace holding the centerpiece together. She has her hair tied in a tight side bun with loose strands of hair coming out. She is wearing white stockings that run uniformly to her ankles.

The young girl refuses to wear anything to protect her skin from the elements, despite the dangers of fighting at night. She relies on her agility for protection. The hot shirt she wears is often torn apart in combat, making her appear more vulnerable than she would look otherwise.

Although she is tall, strong, and sexy, Julia’s friendly and outgoing personality makes her a real crowd-pleaser. Our heroine is around the same height as the average woman – 5’5. She has a petite hourglass figure, which is very much in vogue these days. Her ability to take on the appearance of anyone allows her to hide from those who would do her harm. She also utilizes a variety of attacks and some unorthodox weapons to bring down those who have wronged her.


Aradia is the protagonist of the game. She’s on a mission to save the world she inhabits from evil forces. She will stop at nothing until she saves all the girls who have fallen before her. Aradia is a young girl, but she has the spirit of a warrior. In a land where evil controls almost everything, she must protect those who cannot fight back.

Aradia, the Witch Girl, has come back to seek revenge on her attackers. She’s not alone, though; she hacks and slashes her way through hordes of monsters to find her prey. Armed with various swords, spells, costumes, and magic, she travels the countryside looking for clues that will ultimately lead to her target.

In a place called the Nether Realm, she is living her life as a warrior. As much as she tries to keep away from contact with strangers, she often gets herself dragged into trouble and out of it. There’s so much filth and corruption in this world, and she feels like she has to deal with it all by herself. The odds may be against her, but she’ll fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Although she’ll always be one of the most capable women, her judgment is sometimes not the best. She tends to be trapped by the devious designs of other people, who are usually after her blood. She’s spunky and feisty and harbors a burning desire for payback against those who wronged her. She also sometimes shows resistance to her enemies, but this is usually no match for bigger and stronger adversaries. But she won’t go down without a fight!


Aradia is extremely agile, and she can jump twice in the air and dash. She can also climb any platform above her. But the best thing is, when she guards, she doesn’t stop moving; she can still walk around while defending herself. It proves useful when fighting against big bosses because most of their attacks are big but slow; if Aradia can shoot them before they hit her, she’ll survive without getting heavily damaged.

Rather than allowing attacks to harm her, she can press down when an attack touches her defense at the cost of some of her stamina. The game has many features like familiars. Familiars make it easier to destroy enemies and help you dodge attacks, giving you time to counterattack.


  • It affects a large area
  • Instantaneous
  • Very powerful


  • Can’t control who or what it affects
  • Potentially harmful to friendlies
  • It may not achieve the desired effect

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Satisfactory Torrent + Cracked Full PC Game [Updated]

Satisfactory Torrent

Satisfactory Torrent + Cracked Full PC Game [Updated]


Satisfactory Torrent is a game that combines the factory-building aspects of games like Factorio with the lighthearted combat of games like Torchlight. Play alone or with friends, start an alien colony, build multi-story machines, and play together.

Play alone or with friends as you build the largest factory of your life! Explore a strange new world and uncover its secrets. You can play it safe or dive into the unknown, but if something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to know.

Satisfactory is a factory-building game that tells the story of humanity’s first expeditions into space. The player must grow their humble factory to an epic structure that can build the ships that travel to the stars.

The age of industry has begun! Conquer nature by building factories and making the most out of its natural resources. Expand them to your heart’s content. Co-operate with your competitors over the production of goods.

Satisfactory Torrent

You start with a small town and a handful of workers. Help the population grow by constructing houses and supplying workers with food and clothing. Use your income to build factories where your minions can produce tools, weapons, and other items. Automate trucks and trains to quickly transport large cargo from one side of the map to another. Create armies of powerful mechs to overheat your opponents over and over again.

Satisfactory Torrent

You’re the boss. Start a factory on your own or open it up to your friends. Play as much as you want, too. Create the factory of your dreams with multitudes of customizable decorations, buildings, tools, workers, and more!

The friendly creature on the surface is the only one you can interact with. The rest of them are sleeping or hiding in some cave. It is a multiplayer platforming game set in a sci-fi world. Unlike other platformers, you can’t jump on the enemy’s heads to defeat them. You have to avoid them by using your environment.



Across the world, there is a looming threat of a shortage of resources. Right now, there’s still time to save our planet from being destroyed. Let FICSIT be a part of your solution. Together, we can save this world.

Tired of the same old landscape? Unlock the potential of nature, building massive factories across the land. Expand wherever and however you want. The planet is filled with natural resources just waiting to be utilized.

Explore & Exploit

Satisfactory is a sandbox game that lets you build and craft just about anything. You can use what you find in the world or go on expeditions to search for new materials. Nature is your oyster, and it’s up to you to find and use everything wisely. The safety gear for this expedition is a jetpack and a lovely pair of antlers.

You’ve been assigned a task: to gather some flora and fauna on a new planet. Armed with some raw materials and basic construction knowledge, you jump in the nearest shuttle and set off. It’s your mission to bring back some samples and harvest some resources. Remember to wear your safety helmet, though. We might have gotten things wrong when terraforming this place, so watch out for anything unusual.


Build your factory in Satisfactory and manage an ever-growing industry. Be efficient or build complex conveyor belts that transport items to all factory corners through hydraulic systems. Automate trucks and trains to send production to your outposts. It’s all about minimizing manual labor!


All you need is to build the most efficient factory. But who wants to do everything alone? Share the joy with your friends!


You decide where to place what, making a factory all your own. Build in the mountains or on the beach, from deserts to desserts, and you can make it all work.

Open World

The planet of Massage-2(AB)b is full of life. Take a stroll through the grassy plains, go mountain climbing or try to spot one of the many creatures that are living around you.

Factory Building

The simulator offers the closest and most authentic experience of factory building you can get. Enjoy creating your world, transporting products to the right place, and making products better than anyone else. Whip up a factory from simple shapes. Design and build your dream factory, then watch it come to life in sandbox mode.


This game is designed to be social. Play with your friends! Transfer your custom character between worlds. Travel with your friends, build forts, towers, hang out in chat or play together. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Pipe & Fluid System

Pipes have been added to Satisfactory, along with a whole bunch of fluids. Use pipes to create long pipelines throughout the world. Keep in mind the vertical transportation of fluids while building. We know that you’re used to using belts, and we’re not going to disappoint you. You will be able to use different build modes to make sure the pipes look and feel how you want them to, build junctions to merge and split your pipe network and do everything else you are used to do. The flow of fluids in a pipe is pretty simple.

Fluid Extractors

Water Pump Water Pumps are beasts of a pump. These pumps can be placed on any deep body of water (of which there are plenty), and it’ll churn out water as long as you keep it hooked up to power. Water Scarcity is usually not the problem, and it’s more about how you get it where you need it.


  • The game is very well-made and polished for an early-access game
  • The graphics are great
  • The gameplay is very addictive and enjoyable
  • The game has a lot of potential and is constantly being updated by the developers


  • The game can be a bit buggy at times
  • The game can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for newcomers
  • The game requires a lot of time and effort to get the most out of it

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