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Degrees Of Lewdity


Degrees of Lewdity is about making adult decisions, where your character can live out his or her life in a virtual adult world, make friends, families, enemies, meet characters with their personalities and even turn them into lovers! It is a fun and addictive adult dating sim. There are multiple different game modes to engage with, including a strong focus on visual novels. You can even go after any of the many other characters of your choice.

The prison is accepting new inmates. It is situated on an island off the coast, only accessible by ship. For the worst of criminals, it serves as a permanent hard “bad end.” It is similar to the asylum or dungeon but was redesigned to be less linear. The PC now has the freedom to explore more of the island before being caught. It might seem surprising when you come to Greenland, but the guards aren’t as uptight as you think. If you’re a friendly prisoner, they may even let you out of prison for a day.

The forest and moors between the mainland and the ruins of Shorehaven have been home to several strange sightings. People claim to have seen blood moons and flocks of plant life in the forests and moors. Given that these reports started coming in around the time Shorehaven was destroyed, many people attribute these sightings to magic emanating from or being practiced at the old keep.

The dreaded Red Eye of the Dokkalfar has risen; beware its power! The local townspeople, whom you have befriended thus far, are now panicked and afraid for their survival.

Degrees Of Lewdity

Although you will meet this event with mixed feelings, one fact remains true. There are no safe spaces. Death could strike at any moment, so you should use every second to its full potential. Plantpeople come from a distant land and haven’t been seen since the Normans raped and pillaged their way across their homeland. They may be for real for all we know – we’ve never actually seen one, and we’ve heard they like to stay out of sight. Your best bet is to come across one by accident, not by seeking it out.

I considered splitting the prison update into two parts, but the work went too smoothly to warrant a pause. Thanks to PurityGuy for putting in some last-minute work, & many thanks to the Lollipop Scythe team for a grand release!

We aim to capture the essence of prison life to track time spent in prison, view a map of the prison with the ability to zoom in and click locations. See a browser-based calendar with daily doses of time, allowing you to convert that time into days spent in prison out of a possible sentence. You can also engage in group discussions about ideas or philosophical inquiries. The Degrees Of Lewdia (DL) depicts the socialization level that has been deemed suitable for a specific animal or human subject.

A new winter-themed background has been added for the forest area, added heart and demon wing icons in the houses on Domus and Danube streets. We understand some of the content we add is not suitable for all audiences. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Degrees of Lewdity [v0.3.4.8] Free Download [HTML]


  • Clothing and tattoos can now be approved and disapproved by the guards. The warden has decided that repeat offenders that won’t improve their bad behavior deserve a harsher punishment.
  • Want to look spectacular on your next date? Want to show off your incredible body on a cruise ship? Whatever the occasion, look fantastic with this extensive collection of clothes and accessories.
  • For a long time, prison overalls have been a core piece of a prisoner’s uniform in most western countries. While developers originally introduced them to protect the clothes from being ripped off during fights and sexual assault, their use has become more aesthetic in recent decades.
  • No longer do you need to worry about whether certain NPCs will accept your gender. You can now change their minds through conversation and convince them that, despite the outward appearance of your junk, you’re a female (or male!) on the inside.
  • Official repository for the submission of funny and embarrassing stories about the submission of funny and embarrassing degrees.
  • Free use collars are soft and comfortable and don’t restrict movement like a leash. They make it easy to go out and about without worrying about random roving hands. A leash is still needed for official events or games that require them; we sell them in many colors and sizes, ready to go.
  • Added winter variants for the museum, Alex’s cottage, Alex’s farm, pub, and cafe location art. Courtesy of SlimeFox.
  • Personal protection just got a little greener. This non-lethal self-defense spray is made with all-natural, toxin-free ingredients. For use on humans only. Pets may lick slime residue, which is not harmful; however, their licking habits should be discouraged. Comes in four flavors (lemon-lime or berry).


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