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Driver Genius Pro Crack

Driver Genius Pro Crack


Driver Genius Pro Crack is a driver backup solution that backs up, updates, and restores your PC device drivers within minutes. Driver Genius performs comprehensive real-time checks on your computer, searches its database for the most recent updates, and then restores them automatically to improve your PC performance.

It will help you keep your computer in great shape. The database contains drivers for all kinds of hardware: motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mice, keyboards, digital cameras, and more. It also includes an optimizer that fixes hardware problems and increases system speed.

Want to be one of the first to download the latest official drivers from your manufacturer? We can help find which drivers you need to update that are either missing or out of date. With this software, updating and maintaining your drivers is simple. There’s no need to be an expert computer technician.

This software makes it easy to update outdated drivers. It detects drivers and backs them up to a folder on your computer. It can also back up drivers to USB disks. Our LiveUpdate feature will install the latest drivers directly from our server, ensuring that your computer always has the most recent hardware drivers.

Moreover, it is the all-in-one driver solution for your PC. Driver Genius can help you update your computer’s hardware and install/uninstall Windows Drivers. Use it to fix problems like hardware conflicts, missing drivers, or other unknown device problems.

Driver Genius Pro Crack

With this software, you can get the most out of your hardware. Not only does it fix driver issues and keep your computer stable, but it can also help you improve performance and speed. It is a simple and effective solution that provides real help in updating all components of your computer.

If you search the word ‘back up driver’ on Google, you’re sure to find dozens of practical applications that claim to be the best for this important task. But we have to admit that among them, there is one application that has been uniquely designed with this purpose in mind. Driver Genius Pro is never going to disappoint.

Driver Genius Pro Crack

You navigate to the Settings menu and choose configurations for how the application uses your backup files. Scheduling options enable you to decide how often Driver Genius Pro performs regular scans. A good feature of the software presented is doing a virus scan after downloading the ROMs. You need to choose the antivirus you have on your system, and it will automatically check if there is any malware inside the file.

The backup function is one of the features that impressed us during our tests. Driver Genius automatically scans your computer’s hardware and drivers. It offers you a choice whether you want to keep them in the form of an archive, a self-extracting file, or an auto-installing file. This way, you can quickly restore your drivers even if the program is not installed on the computer anymore, which is excellent, especially when reinstalling your operating system.


Driver Genius Pro Crack

Drivers Update

The problem is outdated drivers affect the performance of your PC and can even lead to system failures. What’s worse, it’s usually impossible for you to tell which drivers are faulty without an expert diagnosis.

Plus, our update feature will alert you if there are any driver updates. It’s helpful since it not only tells you which drivers need updating, but it can also help you automatically download and directly deploy these updates on your system.

Drivers Restore

It is designed to save you time and money. With Driver Genius Plus’s easy-to-use software, you no longer have to install drivers one by one. You can take control and install them all with just one click!

Drivers Backup

It helps you detect and back up the drivers installed on your system regardless of brand. It also allows you to compress backup drivers. Driver Genius Pro provides you with an easy way to find the correct drivers for your devices. It can also backup and save your installed drivers. What’s more, it can help you to compress the backup files.

Live Update

By using LiveUpdate, you can download the latest updates for your drivers instead of spending hours searching for them.

Drivers Cleanup

There may be some software running in the background because of your previous hardware. Don’t worry! Driver Genius Pro can clean up all the leftovers for you, saving your time and saving your PC from crashing. It’s one thing to clean your PC; it’s another thing to clean out old or unused drivers. This software takes care of that for you, making your computer faster and more reliable. It removes all the extra drivers that clutter up your system, improves the overall stability of your PC, and even increases your computer’s performance.

Hardware Info

Start with a simple scan of your computer, and Driver Genius Pro will show you the hardware you have. You can use this to give help & advice if there are any issues with the software or hardware on your computer.

Several configuration settings

With the scheduling feature in this software, you can customize when regular driver scans are completed. This application also enables you to configure the compression level for the archives created, and the option to reboot your computer or shut it down after a driver restore is complete.

It’s a nice feature to set the driver virus scan to take place after the packages are downloaded. You can choose the antivirus solution installed on your system, and it will automatically check the archives for any malware components.

Driver Genius Pro is a driver update and management software for Windows that can backup, restore, and update your drivers in a few clicks. Here are some pros and cons of using Driver Genius Pro:


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Fast and effective driver updates
  • Ability to backup and restore drivers
  • Compatible with a large number of devices and operating systems


  • Some users report crashes and freezes
  • It may not be compatible with all devices
  • Some users report that it is difficult to uninstall

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