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Driver Magician 5.7 Crack + Serial Key Full Working


When you’re ready to back up, restore, update, or remove device drivers, Driver Magician Crack will simplify your life by helping this process be as simple as possible. Your hardware will be backed up, restored, updated, or removed with just a few clicks!

Don’t toss away those diskettes! You will be able to reinstall/upgrade your operating system with the help of Driver Magician. After you format, you don’t want to be bothered with downloading and installing hundreds of programs again. With the data in your Driver Magician backup disc, you can restore all the “saved” drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands.

Using Driver Magician is simple, safe, and efficient. The smart solution allows users to easily backup and saves their hardware drivers using a wizard-driven interface with no technical skills required. One-click of a button is all it takes for the software to scan your system for hardware and backup the drivers rapidly.

Things get chaotic in the workplace. Documents are sometimes misplaced, hardware and software go missing, and nobody knows what is. It’s a good thing Driver Magician for PC was developed to help you quickly find the latest drivers for both hardware and software.

It can back up your driver and restore it, including IDE ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB Driver, and Network Driver. It is a real savior, for instance, when you reinstall or change your PC. With one click, the program restores device drivers from backup. Update device drivers in one click, restore lost device drivers, and backup them for safekeeping.

Driver Magician Crack

Have you ever wondered if your HP, Dell, or Sony pc device is missing vital drivers? Driver Magician does the work for you. It automatically identifies your pc devices and installs the best driver for them.

Driver Magician can detect unknown devices on a computer and provide you with the right driver to ensure that your PC runs optimally. It can create backup copies of important folders like your Documents, Desktop, and others.

Don’t lose your data when you upgrade to Windows 10. Driver Magician makes Windows 10’s backup and restores work smarter, even with Microsoft’s new changes.

Driver Magician Crack

Say goodbye to traditional driver management utilities. The Driver Magician Clone Driver feature simplifies the steps for configuring hardware in different OS environments. When you clone your drivers with this feature, it only takes a few simple clicks to get your drivers configured correctly for your OS.

The installation is simple and fast, and a friendly interface soon greets you. You will see tabs dedicated to the controls on it, so you’ll have easy access to backup all your crucial devices. Whenever you know there’s an update available for your device driver; you may feel tempted to install them immediately. However, not all updates provide improvements, so it is best to take note of the version and release date first.

Our driver updater is extremely easy to use and will help you easily keep your drivers up-to-date. It’s convenient, fast, and safe!


It comes with a minimalistic interface suitable for all users.

It’s simple! Driver Magician is designed to be a user-friendly and time-saving application. It allows you to update, backup, restore and uninstall drivers at a button.

Moreover, it provides you with a list of drivers you can download. Each driver includes extra information such as the supported operating system, provider, version, digital signature, release date, and size. Driver Magician supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7.

A simple tool to create backups and update device drivers

Although this application focuses on updating your drivers, it also comes equipped with a useful feature that allows you to compare two different versions of the same driver.

The simplicity of Driver Magician makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. A comprehensive list of drivers and expert optimization tips is only some of the features that make it so easy to use. You won’t find another tool that allows you to update and optimize all computer equipment instantly.

Other Features

  • If you’re using a laptop and you have to work on a computer every day, your drivers must be kept up-to-date. That being said, there’s no need for you to go around hunting for drivers yourself. With Driver Magician, you can back up and manage your device drivers in four modes.
  • It is the first and only software product to restore your device drivers from backup in one mouse click.
  • You can update device drivers on your PC to protect your computer from crashes and restore smooth performance.
  • It easily uninstalls device drivers. It also can update its database to detect any newly installed hardware and install the necessary drivers on your computer.
  • Moreover, it allows users to detect unknown devices, backup more files such as My Documents, backup files on Desktop and File Explorer Favorites, and import new drivers during installation.
  • It ensures that your computer is running at its optimal performance by restoring the drivers from your backup. Having the latest drivers can prevent collisions and keep your laptop working healthy.
  • It’s really for you! Driver Magician is an auto-setup that combines all drivers into a single .exe file. This software makes it easy to download and transfer drivers from one computer to another.

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