Easy Screen OCR Crack + License KEY Download

Easy Screen OCR Crack

Easy Screen OCR Crack + License KEY Download


Say goodbye to messy image editing. With Easy Screen OCR Crack, you can easily turn pictures into text documents with high accuracy. This software makes turning your photos into the text as simple as cutting and pasting. And with the highest accuracy, you’ll have no trouble understanding the text.

The best online OCR tool. Easy to operate, accurate, and fast. Use our letter recognition software to extract text from the image format. It’s an easy way to get a piece of text back. Don’t have time to key data into a spreadsheet? Easy Screen OCR software allows you to capture text from anywhere on the screen.

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all, and one OCR engine doesn’t allow you to access data across multiple applications. To create flexible solutions that give end-users the flexibility they need and deserve, we’ve brought together the power of Easy Screen’s industry-leading OCR Engine with the core design tools found in Microsoft Office.

It is a free, online OCR service. Download our Windows or Mac OCR software and convert your images to text with our website. You can upload your images directly from a Windows or Mac computer to process or use a URL to a picture on the web or in your email, so you can convert it directly without downloading it. No Registration is required.

Moreover, it can read the text in images and convert it into a specific readable format. With it, you can read any text in an image, regardless of what language it is or how the font looks. The only thing needed is an image of the document. In addition to the text reading features, this application is cross-platform, which means it works on all devices, no matter the operating system.

Easy Screen OCR Crack

It offers two modes of OCR recognition. One mode uses Google to perform reading and recognition, while the other uses our text-to-speech software. You can save money and time by selecting an image from the gallery or taking an image in real-time and editing it with our app. Easy Screen OCR Crack, with its user-friendly interface, saves you time and effort. It lets you set your hotkeys to use them with speed and precision.

Once your file has been OCR’d, you can open it and export it to Excel. OCR’d PDF files are much smaller (even if they have the same amount of pages), and the quality is guaranteed. Would you like to get featured in our top picks? We will promote you to our monthly newsletter and website. You can do that by going to our contact page and filling out the right form.

Easy Screen OCR Crack + License KEY Download

With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly configure the software to match your preferences. Save captured images and PDFs, set the OCR language and keyboard shortcuts, configure general settings, and more. A lot of useful applications are only available in other languages. With the support of 27+ languages and an advanced translation engine, Easy Screen OCR offers you an optional way to read invisible texts without hassle.

You can easily translate the text from images and screenshots into other languages. It’s the best thing in Easy Screen OCR full as it uses the Google translate API. It’s because it is the fastest and best service for using the translation of the text.


Best Text Scanner

We provide the most precise text recognition technology for any version of Windows. Easy Screen OCR can recognize texts from images and screenshots, so you don’t need to retype any information.

OCR Language Support

With its reliable support for more than 100 languages, you can count on Easy Screen OCR to accurately read the text in any document with ease.

Easy to Use

It’s as easy as a right-click. You don’t need to upload any documents or pictures; just capture and paste; with Easy Screen OCR, you can easily copy text from images.


EasyScreenOCR is an easy-to-use OCR software that you can use with your photos/pictures to convert into readable text that you can copy, paste, and print.

Two OCR Modes

Let EasyOCR help you to enjoy seamless OCR results. You don’t need to struggle with fancy settings or complicated software, choose the right OCR Mode depending on your usage, and you will get a satisfying result in no time.

Screenshot Translation

No one can tell you how to translate text from images. You need a flexible tool. We created the first universal image text translator, which easily extracts and translates text from screenshots, scanned documents, and more.

HotKeys Setting

With this software, you no longer have to click the mouse so many times. You can set your hotkeys and capture text without touching the mouse.

Easy to Install

Did you know that storing a local executive file onsite can cause confusion or lost data? Our OCR process allows you to save valuable storage space by eliminating unnecessary paper documents.

Free Update

We keep our app updated with new features and bug fixes. We work hard to make sure you’re happy with your OCR experience.

OCR Captured Screenshot

This OCR software is a breeze to use. Configure advanced settings in mere seconds. Save your captured screen as an image, PDF, or editable text. You can choose the OCR language, customize keyboard shortcuts or even configure general settings.

Translate Captured Image

Easy Screen OCR is powered by an advanced and industry-leading translation engine, making it the most accurate and the fastest image-to-text translation software on the market. This software supports auto-detecting and 27+ languages, allowing you to translate the screenshot without any image directly.

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