EditPlus Crack + Torrent + Serial KEY [Download]

EditPlus Crack

EditPlus Crack + Torrent + Serial KEY [Download]


EditPlus Crack has a clean and simple interface and supports FTP, FTPS, and SFTP uploads and downloads. Written entirely in Delphi, EditPlus runs Windows 95/98/2000/XP, NT4, Millennium, and Vista. It is one of the most useful text editors available to edit multiple programming languages. It helps designers and programmers to create and edit project files on different occasions.

The interface of EditPlus may trick you into believing that you’re dealing with a much more advanced tool, yet it was created to assist while taking advantage of its great features.

Moreover, it includes a file browser to assist you with opening text documents on the fly, while a line and column counter in the document content helps you with editing. It also has some details generally found in text editors. It is a lightweight yet powerful text editor. Plus, it opens very quickly and has some features found in most of today’s editors.

It comes with tons of features and some sweet interfaces. It can help you find plagiarism easily and has tons of tools for writing efficiently; it’s clear that the guys at EditPlus from Beijing put a lot of work into this special editing software!

Furthermore, it is a text editor that offers many handy features. You can auto-complete by using the list suggested or typing, word wrap, or using file encoding. The clipboard monitor helps you keep track of recent entries, and there’s even a log file watcher to assist you when editing log files. Besides offering all these tools, it’s perfect for coding as it supports HTML, Java, PHP, Perl, XML, CSS, and Ruby.

EditPlus Crack

EditPlus is a free text editor that brings the convenience of notepad to more advanced features. It offers syntax highlighting, code folding, and code completion features for many popular programming languages and markup languages.

EditPlus isn’t just another text editor. We give you more support, features, and options than most software (whatever the type) out there. We have three different installation directories to avoid conflicts with other programs and a registry entry for context menu associations.

It is an excellent One-Window text editor that can do many basic text editing tasks, such as search and replace, spell checking, and multiple codepages. Its features include a full-screen mode and split editing capabilities. It comes with an integrated FTP client.

EditPlus Crack + Torrent + Serial KEY [Download]

Our Directory tab provides a list of executables, scripts, templates, language structure files, and other things most users need regularly. The Cliptext tab is similarly convenient; it displays ANSI characters, Control characters, CSS2 and CSS3, HTML 5 and XHTML 1.0.

All the editing tools are ready to use right out of the box. Browse through the Preferences dialog to adjust them as you need. That’s only the beginning. You can get almost anything done through EditPluS View menu, Windows menu, and other settings.

It has tons of useful tools to help you get your job done faster. From a broad Zen Coding menu, text-to-speech, and keystroke recording tools, to an impressive array of User Tools and more.

Editplus manual is a fully indexed and searchable Windows Help file that seemingly explains everything about this simple, however fantastic, asset’s broad capabilities. Access is immediate and easy, and the help files are easily navigable to answer any questions you may have about this program.

Features Of EditPlus Crack

Language structure highlighting

Besides, it supports incredible and customizable linguistic structure highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, and VBScript as a matter of course.

Internet features

It is a full-featured text editor that helps you get more done in less time. It includes tools for working with various types of source code and a built-in web server that makes it easy to preview HTML documents and applets right from the editor.

You can use the command line to upload local files to the FTP server or edit remote files directly.

EditPlus is a text editor for Windows that lets you highlight URL and email addresses in ordinary text files and activate them with a single keystroke (F8) or ‘Ctrl + double tap.’

HTML toolbar

Editing HTML code has never been easier, thanks to EditPlus’s helpful toolbar. It offers various tools, including an HTML color picker, character picker, and table generator. It has your back!

Document selector

With EditPlus Document Selector, you get smooth sailing when moving around all of your open documents. It’s much faster than accessing it via the Window menu or pressing the Ctrl+Tab multiple times.

User tools

It supports user-defined tools, which makes the user capable of performing batch actions on the source code. You can save the editing result in an editing trace file for future reference. This friendly tool can save you a lot of time and effort when you edit HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files, as well as PHP, C.


Abbreviations are great. They make coding and programming faster and easier. Plus, But they’re not easy to remember. Auto-completion is a time-saving feature that changes a short abbreviation into a complete string. It supports Perl and C/C++, of course. Also, you can create your auto-completion file to support other programming languages.


  • EditPlus is a great text editor that you can use for coding or general text editing.
  • It has many features make it a powerful editor, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, and a customizable UI.
  • It also has a built-in FTP client, so you can easily edit files on a remote server.


  • The price of EditPlus is a bit high compared to other text editors.
  • EditPlus has no built-in terminal, so you must use a separate program to access the command line.

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