Fate Of Irnia [v1.0] + Walkthrough [PC Game] Download

The Fate Of Irnia


Fate Of Irnia is a challenging turn-based RPG with a complex rogue-like and grid-based movement system. The world of Irnia is changing after 20 years of war against orcs. A team of two, separated by Fate and destined to be reunited, fight the darkness independently. Every 12 years, 4 heroes rise from each of the four corners of the land to fight off their greatest foes in the name of their homeland. You are one such hero, but the Fate and destiny of your homeland are dire.

Fate Of Irnia is a hybrid between visual novel and adventure RPG, giving you an unprecedented amount of freedom. Be good or evil, be a dickhead or do some charity – it’s entirely up to you! There’s something for everyone: from hardcore action fans to Japanese school romance story fans.

Gaming for everyone – that’s the goal of Fate Of Irnia. We aim to bring you a gaming experience that’s immersive, enjoyable, and above all, fun. If this sounds good to you and you want to try what we have created, check out the game. You can’t stop talking about it! So what is Fate Of Irnia about? Well, about a cat named Ogrest, who turns into a real jerk and creates havoc in the universe. He does that by trying to collect all the magical Will of Irnia.

A story rich in horror, mystery, and gore. The Empire of Irnia is a country with a troubled history that has now restored its independence after a long time of being occupied by the kings of nearby nations.

Fate Of Irnia [v1.0] + Walkthrough [PC Game] Download

Fate Of Irnia Download

Moreover, it is a fun and free game that offers a fun role-playing experience, similar to the worlds of Skyrim or World of Warcraft. You get to choose from multiple characters with different skills and virtues, and the Fate of the realm lies in your hands!

The kingdom needs a fearless hero to defeat the evil forces of the orc and goblin and protect the realm from destruction. Will you answer their call for help? Can you brave hordes of enemies and take on an epic journey of love and romance?

It’s a game that re-defined the genre in so many ways, created by Sylvain Seccia, the first visual novel funded on Kickstarter. It is a complex story with lots of dialogues and adult scenes. Plus, it is full of moral decisions that can change how you play it. It is not just a copy from some visual novel, Fate Of Irnia is unique in every way.

You will battle ferocious orcs and powerful bosses. You will develop a strong relationship with your characters and customize them according to the way you play. Irnia is a kingdom of ancient magic, where incredible adventures await you and your friends. There are over 300 locations for you to explore in your search for glory and treasures. You can join forces with fellow adventurers or strike out on your own. As the adventures go further, the gameplay elements start to multiply. You can choose what skills your character will learn, what traits they will develop (decided by you), and which path they will follow.

Save The Land And Get The Girls

Fate Of Irnia is a 3D role-playing game that pits you against an army of orcs. The story revolves around the fact that every 12 years, the king must send a hero to defeat the orcish menace and restore peace in the land. With the Fate Of Irnia, you can set out on an exciting journey and see many different places populated with hundreds of different characters of all kinds – warriors, priests, or mages.

With the Fate Of Irnia, you can set out on an exciting journey and see many different places populated with hundreds of different characters of all kinds – warriors, priests, or mages. When you play this game, you’ll see beautiful girls in hot armor who are ready to show you more than just how to fight orcs. Furthermore, Fate has the classical RPG elements we all know and love.

You come back to your native village after a couple of years and discover that the life you knew has changed dramatically. Strangers are now living in your family house and are trying to take away what remains of your family home. To save it, however, you will need to join forces with madam Arina of the nearby brothel. Will you be able to resist this tempting lady’s charms long enough to reclaim your house?

A realistic and engaging strategy game immerses you in a world that has the gameplay of an adventure yet the strategy of war. Join 7 characters in their quest to bring an end to an evil tyrant!

Graphics And Gameplay

Explore the world of Fate Of Irnia, a colorful fantasy RPG that tells the story of Lukretia, a simple girl whose life changes drastically when she discovers she is destined for something big. With lots of great characters, terrific combat, and a beautiful world to explore, Fate Of Irnia will keep you playing for hours on end. It is a fantasy-themed game where you can have your way with either male or female characters. The artwork is top-notch and makes the game look like a high-budget video game production. The people of Irnia are suffering because of the High Chancellor’s selfishness, but there is hope. One prophet foretold that a stranger would come and make things right. That stranger is you.

Fate Of Irnia is an online game that lets players take on the role of a fantasy character in a virtual world. The game has a lot of potential and can be very addicting, but it also has some serious flaws.


  • Fate Of Irnia is a unique game that allows players to create their own characters and explore a virtual world.
  • The game has a lot of potential and can be very addicting.
  • The graphics and audio are both well done.


  • The game is extremely buggy and is often unplayable.
  • The game is also very unbalanced, making it difficult to progress.
  • Customer service is nonexistent, making it difficult to get help when you need it.

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