KMSAuto Net Activator Free Download [Official]

KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto Net Activator Free Download [Official]


KMSAuto Net program is a simple and powerful automatic Microsoft products activator. With this tool, you can easily activate any version of Windows from 7 to 10 and any version of Office starting from 2010. For many people around the globe, this free program is their only solution because they can’t buy an expensive license for Windows or an office suite.

It is a permanent activator for all Microsoft products, so you can use it to activate your Microsoft office and windows any version and edition. You Can activate your Office from 2010 to 2016, Windows Vista to Windows 10. KMSAuto Net Activator is portable and does not require user intervention.

Don’t worry about your version of Microsoft Office or the version of your Windows. With our fantastic KMSAuto activator, you will easily activate any version of Microsoft Office from 2003 to 2016. Even if your Windows is not genuine, you will be able to activate it in no time.

A more refined and optimized version of the KMSAuto Helper utility from Ratiborus. This activator is completely safe and ought to be used as an alternative to KMS-Pico or similar tools- it takes on any workstation running Windows or Microsoft Office. Besides, the KMSAuto Net activator is free to use for everyone.

It is a universal KMS-Activator for the products Microsoft Office VL editions. The project’s goal is to fully implement the KMS protocol for activation and renewal of all Windows editions and Office, Visio, Project products.

KMSAuto Net Free Download Latest

Moreover, it is software that has to be activated once, and you will never have to activate it again. It is a multifunctional activator with plenty of functions. You can use KMSAuto to activate Windows 10 and access the new world of capabilities offered by Windows 10. If you aren’t sure about your Windows 10, KMSAuto Net is a safe way to activate your OS as it does not change any system files and does not damage your PC.

KMSAuto Net Activator Free Download [Official]

It is the most advanced and powerful program for the automated activation of Windows and other Microsoft products. Our activator has several advantages that you will appreciate. After activation, your system will be activated automatically for 180 days. At the same time, an auto-renewal function is activated that allows you to always be up to date. No connection with KMS servers is necessary. If a system reboot occurs, KMAuto Net will continue its work from where it left off.

It is a legal office activator that allows you to activate Microsoft Windows and Office for a lifetime. It supports all versions of windows and has a straightforward user interface. From Windows XP to Windows 8 and 10, it is the most reliable activator. It’s easy to use, virus-free, and contains no malware, so your computer stays safe. If you want to download it for free, you can get it here. No charge at all!

Furthermore, it is an online and offline activator for Windows and MS Office. As we know, most of the activators use a trial period of 180 days or are limited by other ways. Still, with Kmsauto Net, you can activate your software permanently without any limitations. Kmsauto Net has many versions, and their latest version is 1.5.1. (Windows 10 support)

KMSAuto Net Activator Free Download [Official]


Activate Windows

This software is designed to help you activate the Microsoft Windows operating system. This software also works with Microsoft Office. If you are looking for an activator for these two, then KMSAuto Net is what you need. We assure you that KMSAuto is an entirely safe and harmless tool to use. We tried 50+ activators, and only 4 of them worked. This software was the best and most reliable one among the rest. It works perfectly on windows 8 and 10; some other triggers do the same thing, but they will get caught by Microsoft, and your Windows will get flagged as spam.

Activate Microsoft Office

It has been developed to activate almost all editions of MS Office. The activation is permanent, and you can use the apps for as long as you want. Plus, it offers you to make a backup copy of your activation. It means if you accidentally mess up with your Microsoft apps, it will be easier for you to reactivate them. So there is no need to worry about license expiry or fixing problems related to licensing.

Quick and free installation. Secure activation system. Long-term activation, 365 days or longer. This software is straightforward to use and activate your Microsoft products with Microsoft Toolkit Activator. It provides 30 days long time activation. That’s why you need to activate it again by restarting your computer. If you want to use this software on your PC, you don’t need a license key for its activation because it can automatically activate all Microsoft products.

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So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and proven Windows activation tool, you’re in the right place. KMSAuto is one of the most powerful activators for Windows. With a friendly interface and little effort, it can activate your operating system with just a few clicks. It is secure, doesn’t contain any malware, and offers clean and safe activation methods.

Backup Files

with this software, you don’t need to be stressed about finding the file or being connected to the internet. This incredible program will do it for you automatically every time. Also, it’s automated, so you don’t need to worry about doing any manual steps.

Windows permanent activation

Windows Activation is not permanent, and after the expiry of Windows, you have to activate it again. However, some methods will allow you to activate your windows permanently and lifetime using the KMSAuto activator.

100% virus-free

This tool is 100% virus-free, as we tested it in a couple of antivirus programs. Moreover, this activator is resistant to malware, Trojans, and other unwanted malicious software. The Total Virus resource also certifies it. Many users trust this tool and use it on their devices.

Users should know a few pros and cons of using KMSAuto Net.

KMSAuto Net Activator Free Download [Official]


  • The software is very user-friendly and easy to use
  • It is an excellent tool for managing activation keys for Microsoft products
  • You can use it to activate both Windows and Office products


  • Some users have reported issues with the software not working correctly
  • The software is not available for free, and users will need to purchase a license to use it
  • There is no customer support available for the software

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