MakeMKV 1.18.1 Crack + Registration Key [Lifetime Key]

MakeMKV Crack + (Registration Code) Free Download

MakeMKV Crack is a powerful DVD and Blu-ray ripping tool that allows you to back up your physical discs to digital files on your computer. The latest version comes with a crack that unlocks the full features of the software for free.

MakeMKV Crack

With MakeMKV and the registration key crack, you can access all the premium features without paying anything. This handy utility makes it easy to rip your DVD and Blu-ray disc collection to digital formats.

MakeMKV Registration Key Crack

Moreover, the registration key is needed to activate MakeMKV and access the full functionality. Without a valid key, you can only use the trial version which has limitations. The crack provides a workaround to this restriction so you don’t need to purchase a license key anymore.

The crack works by modifying the program executable and registry entries to trick MakeMKV into thinking you have entered a valid registration code. This removes the trial restrictions and unlocks features like full disc backup, preservation of multiple audio tracks and subtitles, and faster conversion speed.

MakeMKV Crack

Furthermore, having the registration key crack saves you money as you get indefinite access to the paid features for free. However, it is recommended to support the developer and buy a license if you find MakeMKV useful.

MakeMKV Full Crack

Furthermore, the full crack gives you access to all the premium features of MakeMKV without any restrictions. You can rip full DVD and Blu-ray disc images or remix the video streams while retaining the original quality.

  • Backup any DVDs and Blu-rays to MKV or MP4 files. It bypasses region codes and disc protections like AACS, BD+ and CSS.
  • Preserve all audio tracks, subtitle streams and chapter markers when ripping. This is useful for maintaining different language options.
  • Convert audio to formats like MP3, FLAC and AAC. You can rip audio CDs to digital music files.
  • Remuxing preserves video quality. There is no loss of resolution or encoding into a lower quality.
  • Hardware-accelerated ripping is enabled. You can leverage Nvidia GPUs to increase ripping speeds significantly.
  • Supports batch processing for converting multiple discs without user interaction.

The full cracked version eliminates any limitations of the trial version. You get the complete package to easily back up your disc collection.

MakeMKV Crack


MakeMKV is packed with features that make it the top choice for DVD and Blu-ray ripping. Here are some of its key capabilities:

  • Rip DVDs and Blu-rays to MKV or MP4 files – MakeMKV can extract and backup your discs to industry standard video formats like MKV and MP4 while maintaining original video quality.
  • Bypass disc protections like CSS, Region codes – It can remove copy protections like CSS, AACS, BD+ and Region codes that prevent ripping your legally purchased discs.
  • Remux video while preserving all audio tracks – MakeMKV doesn’t re-encode or compress the video. It just extracts the video streams and remuxes them into MKV/MP4 with all audio tracks and subtitles included.
  • Retain chapters, subtitles, metadata – Important DVD and Blu-ray metadata like chapter markers and subtitle streams in different languages is retained in the output file.
  • Convert audio to formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC – You can extract and convert the audio from discs to common formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC for mobile use.
  • Fast ripping speed with GPU acceleration – MakeMKV uses available GPUs for accelerating the file conversion and ripping process. You can see up to 5x faster speeds.
  • Simple and intuitive interface – The program is very easy to use with an intuitive interface. Just pop in a disc and click Make MKV after selecting output settings.

In summary, MakeMKV gives you full control over your DVD and Blu-ray collections. You can digitally back them up while preserving original quality.

What’s New?

  • Improved 4K HDR tone mapping – Better handling of HDR to SDR tone mapping allows improved picture quality when converting HDR video to standard dynamic range.
  • Better handling of discs with seamless branching – Some Blu-ray discs use seamless branching which is now better supported during the remixing process.
  • Fixed bug causing chapter names to be missing – A bug in the previous version caused chapter names to disappear in some cases. This is now fixed.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements – Smaller bug fixes and tweaks have been done, including better support for UTF-8 filenames on Windows.

In addition to the above changes, the full cracked version also includes activation of premium features like unrestricted conversion speed, batch processing, and audio format conversion.

Keep the software updated to enjoy the latest improvements for a smooth DVD/Blu-ray backup experience.

System Requirements

MakeMKV has modest system requirements and works on common PC configurations. Here are the minimum specs needed:

  • Windows 7 or later – MakeMKV works on Windows 7 and above, including Windows 11. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions are supported.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later – The .NET runtime is required as MakeMKV is developed using .NET. The latest versions are recommended for best compatibility.
  • CPU with SSE4.1 support – Your processor should support the SSE 4.1 instruction set. Most modern CPUs from the last decade have this.
  • GPU that supports DirectX 11 for hardware acceleration – To use GPU acceleration for faster ripping, you need a graphics card that supports DirectX 11 or higher. Nvidia and AMD cards made in the last several years meet this requirement.

MakeMKV cannot work without the above system components. Having a more powerful multi-core CPU and higher capacity RAM will further improve performance. The program itself is quite lightweight and doesn’t require much disk space.

How to Activate?

Here are the steps to activate MakeMKV using the registration key crack:

  1. First, download the installation file for MakeMKV from the official website along with the crack file from a reliable source.
  2. Install MakeMKV on your computer but don’t open it yet. The setup will ask you to register but you can skip it for now.
  3. Block MakeMKV from accessing the Internet by adding firewall rules. This prevents automatic deactivation due to the crack.
  4. Now copy the cracked binary files from the zip archive you downloaded into the MakeMKV installation folder, overwriting the original files when prompted.
  5. Launch MakeMKV. It will again ask for registration. Enter any random text as the registration code and click Register.
  6. The program should now be activated permanently. You can access all premium features for free without limitations.

The whole process is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. The crack will add a license key bypass to trick MakeMKV into thinking it is registered. You get the full version unlocked indefinitely.


There are many advantages to using a cracked version of MakeMKV:

  • Free DVD and Blu-ray ripping – The biggest benefit is enjoying free access to the paid features without spending money on a license.
  • No quality loss when converting video – MakeMKV doesn’t re-encode videos so there is zero loss of quality when ripping your discs to digital files.
  • Straightforward and easy to use – The tool is very intuitive making it easy for novices to use. The process is as simple as popping in a disc and clicking a button.
  • Very fast ripping with GPU support – With GPU acceleration you can rip discs 5x faster. This saves a lot of time compared to real-time encoding speeds.
  • Gets past latest disc protections – MakeMKV bypasses even the newest copy protections that prevent you from ripping your legally owned discs.
  • Continued updates and improvements – The developer team keeps releasing improvements and bug fixes regularly making the software better over time.
  • Option to rip bonus features – You aren’t limited to just the main movie. Special features like director’s commentary can also be ripped.

Overall, a cracked MakeMKV delivers virtually all the benefits of the paid version without spending a dime. It’s a must-have tool for collectors looking to digitize their disc libraries.


  • Loss of Dolby TrueHD audio in MKV – Atmos and other advanced Dolby TrueHD formats aren’t supported in MKV and get converted to standard Dolby Digital.
  • No Blu-ray menu support – The Blu-ray menus don’t get retained when ripping only the main movie.
  • Can’t rip commercial encrypted discs – MakeMKV can’t bypass the heavier encryption used on commercial Blu-ray releases.
  • Unethical to use cracked software – Getting premium software for free with cracks raises ethical concerns regarding piracy and hurts developers.
  • Risk of viruses or malware – Downloading cracks from shady sources exposes you to potential viruses and malware risks.
  • No official support – You can’t get help from the developer if something goes wrong while using the cracked version.

While the pros seemingly outweigh the cons, you should avoid using illegal cracks considering the ethical and security implications. Paying for the software helps sustain continued development.


MakeMKV registration key crack provides free access to the paid features of this excellent DVD/Blu-ray backup software. It removes restrictions like time limits, conversion speeds, and blocked disc types. You can easily digitize your entire disc collection.

However, while useful, using cracks raises piracy concerns and you lose out on official support channels. There are risks from untrusted sources too. The wiser choice is buying an affordable license to get full guaranteed functionality and regular updates from the developer.

Consider supporting MakeMKV if you frequently use it. The reasonable one-time fee gives you peace of mind for a powerful DVD/Blu-ray archiving tool. While the cracked version has its perks, staying on the right side of ethical and legal concerns is more beneficial in the long run.

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