Man Of The House APK v2.0.2c Cracked for Android

Man Of The House APK


Man Of The House APK is a dating sim in which you play as a young adult living with his stepfamily. Each of the women in your house is beautiful, and each one has its personality and story to tell. There are currently over 50 characters and locations, and we like to add more all the time.

It is a dating sim that focuses on characters and relationships rather than stats and numbers. We want to make a game that asks, “What’s your story?” rather than “What’s your credit score?”. And as you navigate this world as a young adult, it will be as if you are playing out an episode of someone else’s life. In the end, every choice you make will have some effect on how your story ends up playing out.

In this exciting new social game, you’re a young man who just moved into a new place with three amazing women! It’s your job to find some housework for them so they can have fun… but will they want to have fun? Or will they want you to clean their houses? You’ll be sure to find out as You play as the new guy in the neighborhood.

You’ve already got a good head on your shoulders and some life experience—just enough to make some mistakes but hopefully not enough to lose your way.

Man Of The House APK 1.0.2c Cracked for Android

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There are a lot of girls out there, and each one has a story to tell. Decide when and where you want to spend time with them, and shape your character in any way you see fit. Each NPC has a story that you must decide when and how to unfold. Each update will provide new locations, characters, jobs, events, and relationships. Moving freely in a large space without a time limit, having a wide range of subjects to talk about, and experiencing different things can now be experienced in this app.

Man Of The House is a game where you never know who you can trust. You’ll be torn between your wife and mistress. Will you make the right decisions to stay faithful to the one you love? This story is all about the Man and the woman who loved each other. To see if she loved him just as much, he needed to take a small risk and invite her in. What Man in his right mind would do that?

Every girl has certain secrets that she wants to share with someone who loves her. The only thing she doesn’t want to lose is her stunning idol. Choose this image if you want to help her unearth it at any cost. While keeping your family happy and well-fed, you must work and earn money to keep everything running smoothly. Time management is crucial as you plan the best way to complete the menial activities to help your family!

Meet little Ashley! You and she will soon become great friends. You’ll be spending a lot of time together. She is bound to come to you for advice and attention, which you’ll be more than happy to give.


Looking for a fast-paced escape game that will test your problem-solving skills? You’ve found it. The Man in the House app, created by award-winning No Clue! Games allow you to explore environments and use items to solve puzzles. It includes puzzles specially designed for single players, so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime, without having to share them with other people.

The NPC characters are looking for someone to take over the position of ‘Man Of The House.’ You must decide how you react and influence their characters by being friendly, following orders, or bossing them around. The state of love indicates how much the girl loves you. The machine is cracked and needs to be replaced. It will make your conversations with her more fruitful and interesting.

The special idol in your bedroom is different for each girl, and you will have to figure … out … how to lift it. If you select this image, you will unlock more interesting dialogue options and events.

It is a casual RPG that lets you take a kind of a “god view” of a young man’s life. You can influence almost every aspect of his life: from his relationships with girls to his career and financial situation. However, you have to be careful not to go too far and make wrong choices because your actions will affect your personal life and stats.


The city is full of quirky characters, who are eventually revealed with time. Some characters are directly linked with certain quests, while others are only visible during particular times.

Your Character

You’re not ready to settle down or take on any more responsibility. Instead of renting an apartment, you prefer renting out the house that your late grandfather left you.


Meet Ashley. She’s a beautiful little girl, and she’s one of the most important girls in your life. You will both be so close, spending so much time together. She will look up to you and respect you, and I know you’ll enjoy every moment with her.


Meet Veronica, a new addition to the Man Of The House team. She goes by Ronnie, and she’s going to be handling all your subscriptions from now on. One subscription isn’t enough for you anymore; that’s why Ronnie was called in to help out.


  • Can improve problem-solving skills
  • It can improve hand-eye coordination
  • Can improve memory
  • Can be fun


  • May be frustrating
  • It may be too easy or too difficult

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