NetBalancer 12.1.1 Crack + Activation Code [Latest]

NetBalancer Crack 12.1.1 + Activation Code Full

NetBalancer Crack + Activation Code [Latest]


NetBalancer Crack offers a fast and reliable solution to manage your Internet traffic. It is a small, easy-to-use application that allows you to configure priorities for any program on your computer. You can now freely download anything from the Internet without worrying about exceeding your monthly bandwidth limit! You can set upload/download limits for each application, so you don’t have to worry about exceeding your monthly bandwidth limit.

With this software, applications with a higher traffic priority will gain more bandwidth than those with a lower one. A major benefit of NetBalancer is that it works on priorities, meaning that if you have a backup plan for your business, the program will not prevent you from using applications at low priority as you see fit. It is a PC Utility. It ensures fair play on your computer so that two programs don’t use up all the network bandwidth simultaneously. No matter how important a video you want to view or download is, NetBalancer makes sure all your applications have enough sent and receive bandwidth.

Moreover, it is a multifunctional cross-platform utility to do simple TCP and HTTP server tasks. It supports command-line and GUI. It can perform general tasks such as sending notifications (e-mail, SMS, Jabber..) or take actions when certain events occur (like reaching an online user limit). One of the most important features is its ability to use APIs to Create, Read, Update, and Delete records on remote servers. You’ll be able to smash those limits and change the limits as you wish. What you want is now possible. You can now lift all restrictions so you can access all blocked sites.

NetBalancer Crack

It helps you connect multiple devices in the office or at home over a secure internet connection. Set up simple password protections for your connection. You can choose to limit access to certain sites or services and keep the Wi-Fi free for guests. It is a multi-tabbed network monitoring tool designed to show you the details of your internet connections and help troubleshoot any connection issues that may arise. Let’s face it. Managing your computer resources can be a bit of a chore. NetBalancer makes it easy by enabling you to tag your computers and send them commands with ease.

NetBalancer Crack + Activation Code [Latest]

After installing NetBalancer, it will display an on-dashboard graph of your running processes’ download and upload traffic. It is a network traffic control utility. It allows you to see what applications are downloading the most data/bandwidth, set download/upload limits, protect your children by restricting their computer usage, and more. Plus, it is the only graphical IPv6 firewall available; all components work on IPv6 natively without emulation or tunnels.


Priorities and limits

It lets you set network priorities or limits for any process. Now you can give bandwidth hogs like games and video time to breathe while still letting your chatty apps communicate with the outside world.

Automation support

It is a lightweight cross-platform open-source batch network load balancing and distribution tool with support for various command line commands and web APIs. It offers complete automation of any network device from a single customizable interface with zero configuration.

Rules and filters

It’s easy for you to manage your internet connection and speed. Set up rules and filters to make sure your network is safe and secure. It provides you with real-time graphs, statistics, and customizable filters so you can see exactly who’s visiting your network, what they are doing, and how to protect them.


It allows you to sync your computers and control them from the web, making it easy to access your files, news, videos, photos, and all your music from any computer at home. Manage all of your computers from a single control panel. Backups, system settings, services—access them all from any device.

Password secured

Are you tired of other programs messing up your computer? NetBalancer maintains your current settings and priorities, ensuring that you will never have to deal with the terrible effects of another program changing them.

Monitor processes

This program will show you how well your computer is responding to the net. It shows you a list of all active programs your computer is using and their speed, connections, and status.

View history

Prioritize Internet resources, block unreliable websites, and boost websites that deliver the best user experience. At a glance, it lets you know where your bandwidth is going. You can see which sites and apps are slow and which ones are getting full service.

System tray and toolbar

It is a lightweight software that sits in your system tray and delivers you detailed information on network traffic and a variety of other computer resources.

Support for IPv6

The latest version of this software includes IPv6 support. This new protocol allows you to filter specific addresses without losing efficiency.

Tags and bulk commands

There are two ways to use this software. Assign tags to your computers and control them using the different bulk commands NetBalancer offers, or share your computer’s information with others on your network.


  • NetBalancer provides detailed real-time traffic monitoring, providing users with detailed information about the current network activity.
  • It allows users to prioritize specific applications and processes so that certain programs can have priority over others.
  • It will enable users to limit the network bandwidth of particular applications or processes, ensuring that critical processes never suffer from an overload.
  • The software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up and manage.
  • NetBalancer has an active community with lots of support options.


  • The software is not free, and users must pay for a license.
  • It requires a significant amount of resources to run efficiently, which can slow down a system.
  • The software is only available for Windows, so users of other operating systems cannot take advantage of its features.
  • It does not feature an automated traffic monitoring system, so users must manually monitor their network activity.

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