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Night Of Revenge PC Game Free Download


Night of Revenge Download is a 2D action game inspired by classic anime like Berserk, Ninja Scroll, or Deadman Wonderland! We pay great attention to graphic production, making each silhouette of our characters has its own identity. It combines the 2D modern design aesthetic of Jet Set Radio with strong boss battles of Dark Souls’ difficulty level!

You play as Aradia, the main female protagonist of the game who fights corruption, and her mission is to save girls who are being torn and tortured by monsters; you’ll be navigating each level fighting enemies and bosses along the way with some light puzzle-solving elements in stages with many unique enemies.

This skintight costume comprises a top and a skirt. The top part is a mock turtle neck with a band collar and a front zipper, while the bottom is a miniskirt with attached leggings. It has a strap going around the waist, which fastens via a Velcro patch in the back. Near the groin, the main body of the outfit narrows into a thong-like strip of material that runs down to her knees.

She enjoys fight scenes involving bare-fisted boxing since it is her preferred style. However, she is not opposed to using weapons. She has a great body, a great personality, and knows how to use her witch powers.

Night of Revenge Download (PC Game) Free Download


Aradia is usually seen with whatever is in fashion, most notably her blue hair. She likes to be up-to-date with the latest trends and knows how to make sure everyone notices her. She is an eclectic, creative girl with exceptional magical powers. Plus, she is very cheerful and spunky yet loves to hang out with her best friends.

Moreover, she is wearing a dark blue dress, criss-cross lace holding the centerpiece together. She has her hair tied in a tight side bun with loose strands of hair coming out. She is wearing white stockings that run uniformly to her ankles.

The young girl refuses to wear anything to protect her skin from the elements, despite the dangers of fighting at night. She relies on her agility for protection. The hot shirt she wears is often torn apart in combat, making her appear more vulnerable than she would look otherwise.

Although she is tall, strong, and sexy, Julia’s friendly and outgoing personality makes her a real crowd-pleaser. Our heroine is around the same height as the average woman – 5’5. She has a petite hourglass figure, which is very much in vogue these days. Her ability to take on the appearance of anyone allows her to hide from those who would do her harm. She also utilizes a variety of attacks and some unorthodox weapons to bring down those who have wronged her.


Aradia is the protagonist of the game. She’s on a mission to save the world she inhabits from evil forces. She will stop at nothing until she saves all the girls who have fallen before her. Aradia is a young girl, but she has the spirit of a warrior. In a land where evil controls almost everything, she must protect those who cannot fight back.

Aradia, the Witch Girl, has come back to seek revenge on her attackers. She’s not alone, though; she hacks and slashes her way through hordes of monsters to find her prey. Armed with various swords, spells, costumes, and magic, she travels the countryside looking for clues that will ultimately lead to her target.

In a place called the Nether Realm, she is living her life as a warrior. As much as she tries to keep away from contact with strangers, she often gets herself dragged into trouble and out of it. There’s so much filth and corruption in this world, and she feels like she has to deal with it all by herself. The odds may be against her, but she’ll fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

Although she’ll always be one of the most capable women, her judgment is sometimes not the best. She tends to be trapped by the devious designs of other people, who are usually after her blood. She’s spunky and feisty and harbors a burning desire for payback against those who wronged her. She also sometimes shows resistance to her enemies, but this is usually no match for bigger and stronger adversaries. But she won’t go down without a fight!


Aradia is extremely agile, and she can jump twice in the air and dash. She can also climb any platform above her. But the best thing is, when she guards, she doesn’t stop moving; she can still walk around while defending herself. It proves useful when fighting against big bosses because most of their attacks are big but slow; if Aradia can shoot them before they hit her, she’ll survive without getting heavily damaged.

Rather than allowing attacks to harm her, she can press down when an attack touches her defense at the cost of some of her stamina. The game has many features like familiars. Familiars make it easier to destroy enemies and help you dodge attacks, giving you time to counterattack.


  • It affects a large area
  • Instantaneous
  • Very powerful


  • Can’t control who or what it affects
  • Potentially harmful to friendlies
  • It may not achieve the desired effect

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