NTLite Crack + License Key Full Download

NTLite Crack

NTLite Crack + License Key [Latest]

NTLite Crack + License Key Full Download


NTLite Crack is your solution for Windows PC integration and customization. Integrate updates, drivers, automate Windows setups, speed up the Windows deployment process, and have it all set the next time you need to use it. It is a free, portable Windows utility that lets you easily optimize your Windows installation and remove unnecessary stuff. With NTLite, we can effectively reduce the total size of your Windows image by up to 40%.

A free Windows system utility that modifies existing installations without touching your data. NTLite offers advanced users an additional layer of control to remove unneeded components, simplify installations, make drive size adjustments, and generally make your system leaner and more optimized.

It’s got a super-powerful interface that makes it the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to optimize your installations – automatically – and make your bootable Windows installers as small as possible. Keep all the customizations and applications you need, keep multiple processor cores and language tracks, and trim those megabytes now.

Moreover, it has multiple applications for everyone. From eliminating unnecessary Windows features to redistributing disk space to different hard drives, NTLite is an essential toolbox for every computer user. It is a free Windows tweaker that allows you to customize Windows by adding or removing features and components, such as the ones you use less often, making your PC faster and more reliable. It also keeps a backup of all modified files so you can go back if needed.


NTLite Crack + License Key Full Download

Image Management

With the new version of NTLite, you can create different tasks with a few clicks. For example, you can convert a Windows installation from a GUI file to a bootable ISO image or produce a perfect USB flash drive for your favorite distro of Linux. Create bootable ISOs easily! NTLite can create a bootable ISO from any Windows EXE or MSI. It is the only tool that can and correctly join EXE and MSI files.

Live-install Modifications

NTLite is an amazing app. It allows you to easily remove unnecessary applications and services from Windows without reinstalling the OS. All you need to do is run the application, make your changes, and then reboot if necessary.

Component Removal

Improve your computer performance with NTLite. Remove unnecessary system files, remove unwanted apps, and optimize your Windows installation to achieve an integration of PC hardware, Windows system files, and free space on its working memory.

Update, Language and Service Pack Integration

Automatically integrate updates, languages, and service packs with NTLite. The software will automatically sort your packages into categories based on their type, allowing you to add packages for integration seamlessly. The tool will apply them in the appropriate order to keep compatibility in check.

Driver Integration

It allows you to customize your Windows deployment while also saving disk space. NTLite integrates drivers into the image, installs only the detected ones on deployment, offers “Import host” functionality that pulls and integrates host drivers into the image, offers the option of removing drivers from the integration queue that are not detected as needed for the selected hardware list, and more. It also helps you customize the Windows setup program by letting you add drivers to Windows images. It’s a great application that makes it possible to integrate and use USB 3 or SATA controllers that otherwise would be unsupported, depending on the Windows version.

Hardware Targeting

We all know on which computer platforms we can install Windows. But this software will help you on which hardware settings to use. Hardware Target Checklist will show you how to prepare the computer for compliance so you can deploy or publish with confidence.

Registry Integration and Editing

Allows an image to be pre-configured by adding or removing registry keys without the need to add/remove when deploying via GPO. We resolve conflicts between multiple user accounts and their registry settings. We make it easy to analyze performance issues quickly.


This application allows you to choose which Windows features and enhancements (such as the .NET Framework) to install, packages to add or remove, and language packs or updates (again, such as service packs) to add. You can even remove whole Windows components, like Media Player or Internet Explorer. The utility will recreate a modified WinSxS folder, and it will also change the registry for any changes you made in your offline image files.

Unattended Setup

It provides you with both ease of use and power. You can create unattended setup packages for Windows all on one page, so you only need to fill in the options once. And because NTLite reads the options from the source, you don’t need to spell them correctly. Autofill option fills the choices with Host machine data, enabling fast configuration.

Application Integration

It lets you integrate native installers, native settings, and many other optional components of your Windows installation(s) so your new PC boots faster, has less pre-installed software/bloatware and is generally more useful out-of-the-box. It works with OEMs, Microsoft/NON-Microsoft Win10 installers (both 32bit and 64bit), consumer Win7/8/10 ISOs (and even older XP includes), the common. MS.

Pending Changes Overview and Post-process Automation

We aim to make the process of system maintenance as easy as possible. Everything you need to know is presented on one page, where you can review pending changes before applying them. All options are available here, not just a subset. With this software, you’re able to change parameters that are normally hidden from the user, perform clean installs and upgrades unattended, or even create an ISO image or a Windows PE distribution – all from the same program.

NTLite is a tool for Windows administrators that allows for the customization and tweaking of Windows installations. It can be used to create custom images of Windows installations and to modify existing ones.


  • NTLite can create custom images of Windows installations, which you can use for deployments or testing purposes.
  • You can use it to modify existing Windows installations, which can be helpful for troubleshooting or for customizing an installation.
  • NTLite includes several features and options that you can use to customize and tweak a Windows installation.


  • NTLite is a paid tool, and it is not available for free.
  • Some features and options in NTLite may need to be clarified or easier for some users.
  • NTLite may not be compatible with all hardware and software configurations.

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