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Optimik Crack + License Key Download

Optimik Crack


Optimik Crack is a software specially made for cabinetry and window-making companies. It enables them to manage and optimize their performance and store records of commissioned jobs. Optimik makes it easier to work with the material and to increase productivity. It is here to help you get more out of your machine. This one-of-a-kind software also ensures you’re up to date on everything in your business.

Moreover, it is perfect if you want to create furniture or large building projects. It takes care of the technical calculations and lets you focus on what you love most—designing! It will prepare your cutting plan with a single software that includes all the information to run your jobs. You can even export your plans to Microsoft Project or Google Calendar.

Optimik Crack, an easy-to-use business management package, is designed to simplify your job as a business owner by providing a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution. Optimik can not only keep track of the finances but also produce all the documents you need for professional contact with stockholders and clients. The database in the Business Partners tab will help you find exactly who you need when you need it. Do you have a particular person in mind? Or are you looking for new suppliers and customers? Your search can be as detailed or general as you like.

It is web-based software that allows you to improve your business. You can use it for your marketing, client management, administrative and finance. You’ll get a centralized way to organize all your company’s data.

Optimik Free Download

If you’re looking for efficiency and simplicity, then OPTIMIK Crack is for you. It has an intuitive interface to help you create offers quickly and easily and cut plans and charts of materials based on the number of pieces to be cut. It allows you to optimize your work. Using a cutting plan optimizer, you can calculate the required raw materials for your future jobs in advance, based on the current workload.

Optimik Crack

Moreover, it is the biggest PCB, PCBA, Electronic Assembly and Kit manufacturer in Europe, with over 7500 customers in all countries. Optimik’s unique professional solutions offer customized manufacturing and worldwide delivery of standard products (more than 2000) in various fields. Each parametric part will automatically update. The parametric model update is much easier than changing a 3D drawing.

Trimming plans made easy.

It is a cloud-based software for design optimization. It calculates the optimal cutting plan to make assembly parts from raw wood by optimizing several parameters, including material, size, thickness, and model. This software allows you to create templates for building furniture, stairs, windows and other products. This software eliminates the guesswork associated with cutting and trimming your materials. You can use it to create and modify templates for cutting various pieces simultaneously.

It is a user-friendly software that will enable you to track your production inventory. It logs all jobs, mails you cutting plans, and even lets you see firm proposals in real-time as they are created and edited. This feature makes it easy to create cutting sheets with drawings automatically, helping you keep track of the crucial information you need.

Managing business, suppliers and prices

Optimik will enable you to create a business database and import information from other sources. This app will allow you to keep track of the products your company can produce, the material stocks and operations, and the types of services offered. It will also generate payment notices and order forms ready for printing.

With this software, you’ll never find yourself adding the same customer or supplier to your database twice. And with a Business Partners section, you’ll always have access to your customer’s contact information and payment history. It even allows you to create discount profiles, so giving customers a discount becomes quick and straightforward.

Business manager and cutting designer

It is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for the administration needs of your clothes business. Plus, it helps you track everything from financial to operational data in one place. It is software created for Ukrainian companies and small businesses, including stores, restaurants, hotels etc. This people-friendly system simplifies the administrative process and helps to save time and money.


Offer and Jobs

You must enter the products and their parts (or select them from the Catalog). Our program will automatically calculate the prices and quantities of all necessary materials and cutting plans. Once you have declined the remaining orders, you can create real jobs and send them to Production. You get additional material savings by cutting several jobs together on a common cutting plan.

Products and Parts

No limits on quantities. No worries about whether you’re charged extra for ‘length’ or paying a big fee just because your product is high in value. Optimik offers one low price that lets you order whatever genuine parts you need and have them delivered to you when they’re finished. You can enter dimensions, operations, or materials as parameters so that all associated part data changes when the parameter changes.

Cutting plans

OptiMik makes working with your CNC machine easy by calculating cutting plans for you. It’s powerful, fast, and simple to use. The input you specify can be in the form of basic measurements, or you can use the advanced features to customize how the cutting plan is generated.

System Requirements

  • CPU: 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HDD Space: 250 megabytes of free disk space
  • Display: Monitor with min. resolution 1024 x 768, TrueColor
  • Printer

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