Voice Changer For Discord PC Game [Reviews +Guide]

Voice Changer For Discord

Voice Changer For Discord

Voice Changer For Discord is a program or tool that allows you to alter the pitch and tone of your voice in real time while using the Discord platform. It can include changing your voice to sound like a different gender, character, or animal.

You can use voice changers to enhance your gaming or streaming experience on Discord and for other purposes, such as online role-playing. Some people use voice changers for privacy reasons or to conceal their identity while communicating online.

There are several types of voice changers that you can use with Discord, including hardware and software-based solutions.

Hardware-based voice changers are typically built into microphones or headsets, and these types of devices usually offer a limited set of voice-changing features.

On the other hand, software-based voice changers can be installed on your computer, and these types of programs typically offer a wide range of voice-changing features and customization options. Some popular examples of software-based voice changers include Clownfish, VoiceMod, and Voxal.

It’s worth noting that changing your voice in Discord is not always allowed, and check if the discord server is where you allow it.

Is there a voice mod for Discord?

Yes, there is a program called Voicemod that you can use to change your voice on Discord. Voicemod is a software-based voice changer that can be installed on your computer and used in conjunction with Discord.

Once you’ve installed the Voicemod software, you can set it up to work with Discord by adjusting your audio settings within the app. You’ll then be able to use the various voice-changing features and effects that Voicemod provides, such as changing the pitch and tone of your voice and adding background noise and other audio effects.

Voicemod allows you to choose from a wide range of preset voice effects such as Alien, Helium, Robot, and many more, but it also allows you to customize them with the equalizer, the morphing effects, and the background noise.

It’s worth noting that using a voice changer in a discord server is subject to the community rules, and an administrator may or may not allow it. Thus, checking the rules of the servers, you plan to use Voicemod before doing so is a good idea.

Voice Changer For Discord

Is Voicemod for Discord safe?

Voicemod is a popular software-based voice changer that can be used with Discord and is generally considered a safe program to use.

Voicemod is a legitimate software developed by a reputable company, and it’s commonly used among gamers, streamers, and online content creators. This program has been around for a while, and many people use it without any major issues.

That being said, like with any software downloaded from the internet, it’s always a good idea to take some precautions to ensure the safety of your computer: -Download it from the official website -Read the user reviews -Scan the software with a reputable antivirus program before installing it -Be mindful of any permissions the software asks for

Voice Changer For Discord

Also, it’s worth noting that the discord server administrator can prohibit any modification of your voice. Thus be aware of the community rules before using them.

In summary, Voicemod has generally considered a safe program with Discord. Still, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when installing and using any third-party software on your computer.

Is There A Discord Voice Changer For Android?

Yes, voice changer apps are available for Android devices that you can use with Discord. These apps allow you to change the pitch and tone of your voice in real time while using the Discord app on your mobile device.

Some popular examples of voice changer apps for Android include:

  • Voice changer with effects
  • Voice Changer – Funny Voice FX
  • Voice changer with echo effect

You can download these apps from the Google Play Store, and they typically allow you to choose from a range of preset voice effects, such as robotic, helium, and chipmunk, and also allows you to add background noise and other audio effects to your voice.

Remember that you will have to use an external microphone and connect it to your android device for the best results since the built-in microphone may provide poor quality, especially if you’re looking for a complex modification.

As with the use of a voice changer on a PC, it’s important to note that the use of a voice changer on Discord is subject to the community rules. Thus, check the rules of the servers you plan to use the voice changer app before doing so.

Is a voice changer illegal?

In most cases, using a voice changer is not illegal. You can use voice changers for a wide range of legitimate purposes, such as online gaming, streaming, and online role-playing. Voice changers can also be used for privacy reasons, such as to conceal one’s identity while communicating online.

However, using a voice changer in some cases may be considered illegal. For example, if a person uses a voice changer to impersonate someone else, commit fraud, or harass others, it could be considered illegal. Additionally, if a person uses a voice changer to conceal their voice while committing a crime, it could be used as evidence against them in a court of law.

It’s also worth mentioning that some specific countries may have laws related to using such devices; you should check the specific legislation in your area to be sure.

Generally, as long as a voice changer is not intended to deceive or harm others, it is likely legal. However, always check the community rules of a discord server where you plan to use a voice changer since the administrator can prohibit it.

Voice Changer For Discord

Pros and Cons


  • Enhanced gaming and streaming experience by adding an extra layer of fun and creativity to your interactions.
  • Online role-playing and role-playing games can be more immersive when using different voices for different characters.
  • You can mitigate privacy concerns by masking your real voice.


  • Some people may find the use of voice changers to be disruptive or annoying.
  • Misuse of voice changers can lead to confusion and mistrust among people in a conversation.
  • The administrator may prohibit the usage of voice changers in some discord servers
  • Some voice changers may need to provide better audio quality for your use case.


In conclusion, voice changers can be a fun and useful tool for enhancing your experience on Discord, but it’s important to use them responsibly. Always be respectful of others and their preferences, and be aware of the rules and guidelines of the discord servers you use. It’s also a good idea to check the quality of the changer you’re using to have the best audio experience. Remember that the most important thing at the end of the day is to have fun while interacting with other users and enjoy the platform to the fullest.

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