Waifu Academy [v0.9.8a] + Walkthrough Mod [Android]

Waifu Academy v0.9.8a (MOD) Free Download


Waifu Academy is one of the most popular Android games of all time. The game allows players to customize the appearance of their characters, train them to defeat monsters, and even craft weapons. You can play it free now! All you need to do is follow the three-step installation guide below the description. This casual game is too much fun for fans of anime. Waifu Academy was developed in the best traditions of this genre.

It is a Visual Novel Text Adventure about revenge and love. Will you be able to uncover your true identity and then put it to rest? You can date up to 30 characters or mess around as you like, as no relationships are set in stone, as they all happen in your twisted head.

As a young man, you lost your parents to the evil Professor D’Amour. Now, years later, they begin to feel like you are ready for revenge! You enroll in the WaifuAcademy, where you’ll train to become stronger and defeat your enemies, but there’s something else, they’re not alone.

Moreover, it is a dating sim that lets you choose your path and relationships! The game has gone through many different stages of development and will probably continue to do so if my Ren’Py and programming/scripting knowledge continues to grow.

A game is like a movie on the computer. It’s good to start with good stories, actors, or movies since they help bring you into the game. A game is like a movie on the computer. It’s good to start with good stories, actors, or movies since they help bring you into the game.

Waifu Academy [v0.9.4a] + Walkthrough Mod [Android]

Waifu Academy Download Free

In Waifu Academy, you’ll play as a young man who lost his parents in a laboratory ten years ago. He has a goal: find a new family! Play with a team of characters aimed to please the most demanding of you. Making friends while carrying out the main quest is fundamental, but above all, romance is fundamental!

This series follows the adventures of the girls of Sakazaki Academy. The manga began serialization in Futabasha seinen magazine “Comic High!” in the June 2008 release. Join the academy and learn the ways of The Waifu. Learn how to become a Waifu Master and control your target completely. Overcome the challenges and achieve greatness in your quest for Waifu and free time. Whatever you do, try not to get expelled. It is necessary to start in the school of the “wife” in Izumi before transferring to the Japanese school to play successfully.

Furthermore, it is an adventure game where you make choices to either increase your affection with your waifu or study at the academy to gain skills each day. To gain affection with your waifu, you will need to select dialogue choices that give positive effects. These could be rewards like extra money or items or not selecting certain dialogue choices that could result in punishments (e.g., doing an activity against her interests or asking her for something.

It is not just a dating game. You are the protagonist of many romance stories, so it’s expected to have multiple romantic interests.


We are residents of the island, where each of us has his fair share of secrets. Besides, you can use them to achieve your goals, but be careful – you are not an ordinary person with a dark past! Soon enough, the “bad end” appears unscheduled. The protagonist is disappointed and tries to persuade the pet to go along with a normal relationship. She refuses his proposal and returns to her world.

It’s an adventure game that immerses you into your fantasies. You will explore the love stories of many different girls, each with very different personalities. An RPG maker game focused on life decisions. The characters are funny, cute, and quirky. Great for anyone who wants to get into the world of RPGs or just for people who are looking for something relaxing. Sure, there are games where you kill everything in sight. But what’s the point of that? It is an anime dating simulator, so you can focus on making lasting relationships with cute anime girls.


Waifu Academy is a visual novel that comes with high-quality graphics and artwork. With over 50 characters and an extremely large and diverse selection of students, you’re sure to find your favorite waifu.

Unique Storyline

It is an awesome game that has the quality of comics and animes. You will also learn about demons, angels, and gods in this game. This game always gives you an amazing storyline. Forget about your typical role-playing games! Not only does Waifu Academy have a unique, gripping story, but also characters that will capture your heart. This game is sure to immerse you in a whole new world.


Over 30 carefully designed characters, each unique personality, all are waiting to fall in love with you. Waifu Academy is a visual novel with unique, alluring characters and a gripping storyline. You’ll have a blast exploring the school and characters!

Cheats Enabled

Why spend money on cheats when you can get them for free? That’s right; Waifu Academy has all the cheats you could ever need. Be sure to check back often so you don’t miss out on any of our updates and new cheats! Love is in the air! Now you and your Waifus can be together forever. The Waifu Academy Cheats gives you unlimited cash and diamonds. You can enjoy an epic adventure with your favorite waifu and swag out your phone to top-level gear and uber items.

Waifu Academy has been a popular game among anime and gaming fans for years. The game allows players to attend a virtual school where they can learn about anime and gaming culture, and interact with other fans from around the world.


  • Allows players to learn about anime and gaming culture
  • Interactive Community
  • Fun and entertaining


  • Not everyone is a fan of anime or gaming
  • Can be time-consuming
  • Some people find the game to be childish

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