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WaveLab Pro Crack

WaveLab Pro Crack


WaveLab Pro Crack is a state-of-the-art audio editing and mastering tool, including superb tools for speech production, noise reduction, restoration of damaged audio files, and optimizing audio for the web or burning to CD. You can strip back silence, adjust volume levels and remove strange clicks from recordings or add effects like echo or reverb to create a perfect soundtrack for your video.

Edit your audio with ultimate ease in WaveLab Pro. With sample-accurate editing combined with an impressive set of tools to speed up your editing operations, you’ll be able to edit faster than ever before. At its simplest level, WaveLab elegantly handles the detailed editing of audio events and files with ease. Depending on your needs, you can use destructive audio editing to cut and remove sections from an audio file or a non-destructive Audio Montage to click together elements in a single project.

WaveLab is the wave editing tool of choice by leading broadcast companies worldwide, thanks to its unparalleled stability. Used by broadcasters everywhere, WaveLab Pro is a powerful, feature-rich solution for your most demanding audio challenges. Treat your audio like a pro. With WaveLab Pro, making music is easy and fun. Select from dozens of effects and instruments to your needs and deliver audio quickly with our batch processing. Work smarter, not harder!

It provides a powerful set of tools for mastering and editing. It comes packed with flexible new features for refining your podcast, complete with convenient shortcuts to make your workflow more efficient. Wave Lab is the essential audio editing software for both professionals and music enthusiasts. The program has been completely redesigned and enhanced to provide the most innovative and highest quality editing experience in the industry today.

WaveLab Pro Crack

Moreover, it has always been focused on ease of use. The latest edition has updated its user interface with a sleek new design and added functionality for convenient editing, processing, and analysis. The new WaveLab Pro features an enhanced set of tools and functionality for surgically editing any audio signal in the Spectrogram.

Using polarity reversal, harmonic distortion, selection of partials and frequency bands, interpolation to find the best cut point, and intelligent time-domain peak detection, you can get rid of unwanted sounds like hiss or room noise – or isolate parts to be able to process them without affecting other portions of the spectrum.

WaveLab Pro Crack

Brilliant innovations in audio recording technology to miraculously resurrect and Restore distorted, corrupt, or damaged audio. It is easier to remove clicks and pops with a redesigned Error Correction tab. It gives you the power to apply unique algorithms, preview the result and make adjustments on the fly. This software combines renowned audio editing tools with three new plug-ins to repair damaged audio, especially when removing hum and buzz from old recordings.

Using a combination of real-time and post-recording manipulation, you can study the spectral information and the signal in time. Featuring an intelligent sidechain system, the update includes a revamped plug-in set including new batch processing modules, enhancements in MasterRig, and a GUI redesign in most dynamic effects.

Multichannel interleaved support

Increased productivity. Our latest version of WaveLab includes expanded and enhanced multichannel support. You can now use WaveLab to open, edit and save multichannel audio files, most notably Ambisonics files, for pre-mastering purposes. While this software is powerful, its user interface provides a simple layout to keep you focused on the important material. Use WaveLab Pro to edit audio files of any number of channels; you can use the multichannel capabilities of the program to help prepare your audio for a surround sound system.

Track Groups for multitrack/stems workflows

Group tracks can be used in any part of a project and provide a different summing stage with effects plug-ins, gain, pan, and routing controls. Track Groups can also be used alongside Track Lanes in stem mastering projects, making it easier to apply a common track group effect chain to a stem mastered project.


  • Get a fresh take on the Spectrogram with this software. The customizable view allows you to customize your frequency axis and display settings making your workflow more efficient. And if that’s not enough, make your spectrograms sing with spectrogram harmonics overlays.
  • A wavelet is a unique visual representation, particularly suited to the music. It can visually show something similar to a spectrogram and waveform but with far more detail.
  • The Spectral Editor of WaveLab Pro is more powerful than ever. It provides a new set of tools to edit in the Spectrogram surgically. No other audio editor can do this.
  • Our patent-pending Audio Inpainting technology restores damaged or corrupted audio material. It’s the only software that can reconstruct audio using a wide selection of spectral information from surrounding areas.
  • New and improved version of the classic WaveLab Error Correction. Now it is more intuitive, with new quality algorithms and support for tracks up to 192 kHz.
  • Now you can revamp your tracks in just a few clicks. Correct clicks and pops, remove crackles and noises, eliminate hissing and hums, and even reduce low frequencies to balance the mix.
  • By using its unique live Spectrogram, new users can visually see the frequency properties of their audio signal. The resulting insight offers greater control to achieve the desired sound.
  • The newest version of WaveLab Pro provides more functionality than ever, with built-in support for Direct X plug-ins, VST3 compatible plug-ins, and an all-new batch mode that allows you to process audio non-destructively.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel or AMD dual-core CPU
  • Sound Card: Windows-compatible audio hardware
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • HDD Space: 1 GB of free HD space
  • Display: A display resolution of 1024 x 768 recommended


  • WaveLab Pro 11 is a powerful digital audio editing software that offers many features and tools.
  • It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  • This tool is compatible with a wide range of audio formats.
  • It offers excellent audio quality and supports a wide range of audio hardware.
  • WaveLab Pro 11 is an affordable digital audio editing software.


  • WaveLab Pro 11 is a complex digital audio editing software that may need to be revised for beginners.
  • It is not compatible with all audio hardware.
  • It may offer only some of the features and tools some users may need.

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