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XnViewMP Crack

XnViewMP Crack


XnViewMP Crack is an image viewer capable of opening and editing all major image formats. It allows you to view, convert and export your pictures. Some of its features are photo resizing, cropping, metadata editing (IPTC, XMP), and batch conversion.

It is an all-around media viewing, cataloging, and organizing tool. Browse your pictures by categories and albums, enjoy slideshows, convert images to different formats, delete unnecessary files, define behavior when inserting / opening image files, open several images in tabs.. and much more.

There is no easier or more efficient way to manage your photos and images. With XnViewMP, you can view photos quickly and efficiently, keep track of them, and catalog them. You can generate contact sheets, toolbars, and slide shows. You can even compare two pictures to see if they match!

It can detect and open jpg, png, gif, ai, tiff, and many more image formats. It features batch convert support, fullscreen mode, slideshow, video recording, and more! The most powerful image viewer/converter/manager for Windows, Mac, and Linux, supporting 500+ formats and batch converting.

Moreover, (XnView Multi-Purpose) is a new and enhanced version of XnView. It’s intended for power users and people dealing with massive amounts of images every day. Loading and resizing operations are notably faster. The new bitmap cache reduces memory consumption when resizing and adds support for non-proportional transforms. Special 3D overlays can seamlessly integrate into the canvas or be displayed as an overlay. Many improvements in the translations for your convenience.

XnViewMP Free Download

Browse, organize and view your images in numerous ways, including handy visual thumbnails, easy-to-use full screen and filmstrip, and customizable slide shows. It’s easy to use and allows you to edit your photos, resize, rotate, crop, or adjust the color depth or palette. You can even apply filters and effects to create the exact photo you’re looking for.

Moreover, it supports more than 500 formats, including GIF and ICO. Now supporting APNG and multipage files as well. Furthermore, XnView-MP exports to more than 70 different file formats. The batch conversion modules in XnView MP come with various options and differing file types. The user-friendly interface lets you choose from several options.

XnViewMP Crack

It is a fast, easy-to-use, and free graphic viewer that supports more than 400 different file formats (for example, all types of pictures, including jpeg, gif, and png…). We have taken pains to provide you with the most recent and advanced versions of XnViewMP available so that you may enjoy a fast, efficient, and satisfying experience. Prepare to experience XnView like never before! Thanks to the powerful XnView MP software, you can take control of your images with greater ease and accuracy than ever before.

One of the best free image management utilities, XnViewMP supports most file formats. It provides thumbnails, advanced sorting tools, and previews during folder navigation.

User-friendly image browser and viewer

This software makes it easy for anyone to see their photos and videos. By easily navigating to a folder, you can quickly preview all your pictures in one place.

Double-click an image to refine or create. You can examine its corresponding EXIF data, such as camera model, exposure time, focal length, etc. You can also amplify your experience by opening multiple images in separate tabs. It lets you view your photos: You can tell it to display a histogram or multiple properties. Double-click an icon, and the software will open that image in a new tab, letting you edit it.”

Packs several editing capabilities

It is a free, powerful image viewer and processor with a wealth of editing and modifying options. It can process many graphics files, allowing you to perform functions like cropping, rotating, overlaying watermarks, applying filters, or even creating slideshows.

Built-in batch converter and renamer

Moreover, it can process multiple files at a time. Whether you need to convert from one format to another or you wish to resize multiple photos, XnView MP is the software of choice. The program gives you total control over your conversions and lets you save source files and folders, format and file naming patterns, and extra settings for each output format.


Photo Viewer

See all the essential details about your photos right away and browse effortlessly through images in thumbnail view. Want to check out what your photo will look like on your website or blog? XnView image comparison tool allows you to preview multiple images side-by-side. You can compare as many images as you like using different settings, such as EXIF metadata comparison.

Photo Editor

With XnViewMP, you can process your images with an arsenal of editing tools for photo and video enthusiasts. Key features include the ability to resize, rotate, crop, lossless rotate/crop jpeg images, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue, auto levels, auto contrast, modify colors depth and palette, and apply filters and effects.

Unrivaled Compatibility

The amazing XnViewMP supports more than 500 image formats, including multipage and animated still formats. It can export to about 70 different types of files.

Batch Conversion

This software makes it easy to convert any picture format, even for files as large as 100Mb. It includes a professional image browser with multiple views and tools which make it comfortable to work with pictures. You can edit or crop any part of the image and easily write your watermark from scratch or using one of the existing presets.

Optimized Performance

You will be amazed to find out how quickly XnViewMP loads. It is due to the new Multi-Core support, which significantly increases the speed of image loading and converting.


We have listened to our users who use XnView on multiple systems: a 64-bit version has been developed for the latest versions of macOS and Linux, making XnView a native application running smoothly on each operating system.

World-Wide compatible

It is a powerful image editing software that offers powerful functionality. The new modular interface makes it user-friendly and easy to handle.

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xnviewmp activation key


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