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Zombies Retreat


Zombies Retreat is an action role-playing game involving a young man and his camping retreat. When his fellow campers start turning into zombies, it’s up to the player to engage in some zombie-killing mayhem. It is a camp adventure for the ages, with an active combat engine allowing for frantic violence against hordes of the undead and plenty of upgrades to help you get out alive.

Enjoy the classic equipment and immersive survival experience… Plus zombies! You’ll need to use the unique blending of a knife or pickaxe, along with your brains and brawn, to survive an epidemic of zombies! This game is not like any ordinary zombie shooter. It breathes new life into the genre by offering players a chance to play as the other side that doesn’t always get the spotlight.

The game is incredibly engaging, glitch-free (so far), and chock full of all kinds of quirky characters. The game is truly a gem, and it doesn’t hurt that the game company financed the game’s voice acting with Kickstarter. The characters all have great designs, but I appreciate that they also made the female ones attractive. The artwork is top-notch, and the sheer amount of visual quirks to the levels gives it a lot of character.

The ballerina zombies have a dance-off in this awesome game! There are lots of twists and turns as you go around collecting cups. Double-tap your screen to jump with style to the beat. Hundreds of levels. While the idea of a zombie offspring is quite terrifying, we can all agree that the undead isn’t celibate creatures. The novel centers around some dark science stuff that lends an interesting plausibility to the story.


This retro-style role-playing game is closely reminiscent of classic console games such as Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and others. I truly enjoyed the fact the game doesn’t stick you in long, drawn-out turn-based combat that serves little purpose beyond slowing you down. Your objectives in the game are simple: discover what is going on and explore the world and its sexy survivors.

Art Style

The game looks generic. But here’s the thing about Zombies Retreat: it’s funny as hell. It makes no excuses for exploring humor or plot: it plays to its strengths from start to finish. What you get is a silly story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, a slick battle system, and lots of vixens of different varieties to meet and conquer. The ladies in this title are fine as a sweet summer wine. Yeah, sure, the player character looks like the one twink to rule them all, but veterans of the no-brainer mechanics and multiple endings will find something to appreciate here.

Zombies Retreat does a great job at providing you with a simple and fun card game for mobile and tablet devices. The gameplay is easy to manage, yet so much fun. They’ve been subjected to a wide variety of attacks throughout their time – the Ice Age, the sun, the muddy waters of the Styx – but these lovely undead heroines have always come back for more.

Aesthetic design is what drives this game. The women are gorgeous, and it’s obvious that there was a lot of effort to make the characters gorgeous. When you see an enemy, you want to know more about them. Even though the game draws on the classic gaming genre, the art style puts a new spin on it, and the love shows throughout your time playing. It’s an enjoyable game with vibrant colors and graphics that makes you feel part of the story. The sounds and music attract you to the game right away.


An erotic visual novel that I’ve played a fair few times—seriously, there’s a lot of plot to it—and if you enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy with zombies, give this one a shot. As the main character, the story revolves around you escaping from a zombie-infested city after your friends become zombies. You’re low on supplies, so the only way to survive will be. Scenarios where people are reduced to their worst, forced to face their fears, and fight for survival, are often popular tales. It is especially true when the threat is against a zombie invasion.

The first thing you do in Zombies Retreat is wandering around a campground (like the awesome type of campground that you might’ve visited as a kid, with activities like wagon rides and sing-a-longs). There’s also an intriguing story that develops naturally as you explore.

It is a 5 part episodic game series set shortly. Each part of the series follows one character’s perspective and explores the world in that person’s special way. It’s packed with neat twists and turns that are never predictable and leave you wondering about every character. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s something that everyone will love to play through!

Zombies Retreat v1.0.4 (FINAL VERSION) Free Download

More Action Than RPG

The game has more of an action feel than I expected, which is why it’s been classed as an RPG. But once you get started, you’ll find that there is also a story that unfolds here. You’ll meet characters, and they will help you on your quest. Not only that, but they will add personality to the game and make it feel more alive. Finally, a game that puts the needs of a gamer before being politically correct. I love that I can blast zombies with full auto and not have to worry about them taking over my country. The sex scenes allow you to focus on your favorite part without reading through lines and lines of meaningless dialogue.


  • A unique take on the zombie genre
  • Focuses on character development
  • The protagonist is a relatable everyman


  • The story is slow-paced
  • The ending is abrupt and unsatisfying
  • Zombies are not particularly scary or threatening

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