Adguard Premium APK Premium|Mod [Free Download]

Adguard Premium APK – The Ultimate Ad Blocker for Android

Adguard Premium APK is a powerful ad blocking app for Android that removes ads across the system, protects privacy, saves data usage, and gives you full control over app permissions. With over 12,000 excellent reviews, Adguard is a must-have tool for any Android user looking to reclaim their device.

Adguard Premium APK Premium|Mod [Free Download]

Adguard Premium APK is an ad blocking app developed by Adguard Software Limited. It functions as a whole-system ad blocker, using a local VPN to filter ads not just in browsers but in apps too. The premium version unlocks advanced privacy protection, antivirus security, full app management controls, and more.

Unlike basic ad blockers only effective in browsers, Adguard can block ads throughout Android. This includes removing video ads, banners, and popups in your favorite apps, games, and websites. The regularly updated filter lists ensure the best quality ad blocking.

Adguard Premium MOD

Adguard Premium also protects your privacy by blocking online trackers and analytics systems that collect your data. Your sensitive personal information is kept safe from advertisers and third parties looking to profile your activities. This gives you peace of mind when browsing the web.

By removing intrusive ads, Adguard saves on data usage and battery drain. Resources go towards loading content you want rather than bandwidth-hungry ads. You stay in control of app network access with a full firewall for WiFi and cellular data.

The app offers both basic and advanced customization options to tailor the ad blocking experience. Individual apps can be whitelisted if you want ads in them. There are also useful statistics showing data usage per app. A range of settings cater to different user needs.

With over 12,830 overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Google Play, Adguard Premium APK has won over Android users with its comprehensive ad blocking and privacy protection. The premium version unlocks the full potential of this already excellent app.

Adguard Premium APK Premium|Mod [Free Download]


  • Blocks ads system-wide including in apps, games and browsers
  • Protects privacy by stopping trackers and analytics
  • Saves data usage by removing heavy ads
  • Gives you control over app permissions
  • Simple to use with advanced customization options
  • No root access required to block ads
  • Includes useful statistics and app management tools
  • Regular filter list updates maintain filtering quality
  • Antivirus security scans for malware
  • Unlimited device protection with one license
  • Active development ensures compatibility

What’s New

Adguard Premium APK is updated frequently to add new features, improve performance, and ensure compatibility. Recent updates include:

  • Faster connection speeds from protocol optimizations
  • Options to export and import user rules
  • New Safari browser extension for iOS
  • Enhanced Stealth Mode to hide from adware
  • Fixed issues on Android 6 and 7 devices
  • Added wildcard support for filtering rules
  • Implemented new CoreLibs parsing engine
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
Adguard Premium APK Premium|Mod [Free Download]

The active development ensures Adguard continues working effectively as Google changes Android. Regular filter list updates also maintain the high quality ad blocking.


  • Comprehensive ad blocking throughout Android system, across browsers, apps, and games
  • Protects privacy by stopping online trackers and analytics systems from collecting personal data
  • Saves mobile data usage by removing heavy bandwidth-hogging ads
  • Gives you granular control over app network access permissions
  • Works without root access unlike many ad blocker apps that require root
  • Highly customizable ad blocking experience with easy and advanced options
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with many powerful customization tools
  • Actively maintained and updated to maintain effectiveness against evolving ads
  • Seamless ad-free experience across the Android system
  • Over 12,000 5-star reviews show the quality and user satisfaction
  • Affordable premium upgrade unlocks full features
  • Regular filter list updates maintain high quality ad blocking
  • Malware scanning provides antivirus security against harmful apps
  • Unlimited devices protected with a single premium license


  • Cannot be installed directly from the Google Play Store
  • Increased battery usage compared to not running an ad blocker
  • Initial setup process can seem complicated to less tech-savvy users
  • Premium version requires a paid subscription
  • Free version lacks some advanced privacy and customization features
  • Rare compatibility issues may occur with some device models
  • VPN mode can conflict with other VPN apps on your device
  • Filtering all traffic reduces Internet speeds slightly
  • Learning curve to understand all available customization options
  • Too aggressive default filters may break some sites and apps
  • Allowing acceptable ads is difficult to configure optimally
  • Require some technical knowledge to create custom filtering rules
  • No customer support given for free version of the app
  • Some apps detect Adguard and may not function properly
  • Paid license length should be longer than just 1 year

System Requirements

  • Android 5.0 and up
  • Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  • For full functionality, enable local VPN permission
  • Premium features require subscription

How to Download and Install

  1. Download the latest Adguard Premium APK file from the link below.
  2. Open the downloaded .apk file on your Android device.
  3. Accept the permissions required during installation.
  4. Open Adguard and walk through the initial customization steps.
  5. Enable advanced filtering options like HTTPS for full ad blocking.
  6. Manage included filter lists to target specific ad types.
  7. Configure individual app permission rules as desired.
  8. Whitelist any apps you want to permit ads in.
  9. Upgrade to premium by purchasing a license for full unlock.


Adguard Premium APK offers the most complete ad blocking experience on Android. With advanced privacy protection, data saving bandwidth options, and customizable filters, it provides a seamless ad-free mobile experience. The affordable premium subscription unlocks the full potential of this already excellent app. With over 12,000 5-star reviews, Adguard Premium is a must-have utility for any Android user frustrated with intrusive ads.

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