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ESET Smart Security Crack v17.0.12.0 + License Key [Premium]

ESET Smart Security Crack + License Key (Premium)

ESET Smart Security Crack v15.0.24 + License Key [Premium]


Using state-of-the-art technology to protect yourself from the physical theft of your computer, identity theft, and exposure to potentially offensive web content,,ESET Smart Security Crack offers the best protection available in the market.

Trust in protection from multiple threats. Antivirus, Anti-Theft, and Personal Firewall make ESET Smart Security Total Security Suite your first choice for maximum Internet security, a place where you can browse freely and comfortably.

Cybercriminals constantly find new ways to attack our computers and steal our information. ESET Smart Security’s Anti-Theft software can help us recover a stolen computer or even find the location of the missing laptop. The Social Media Scanner protects your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts from cybercrime—even if you get a new computer. Personal Firewall slows down hackers from breaking into your account. Parental Control keeps children away from adult content, and Cybersecurity training can help anyone learn about security threats.

It is a good option for your home and your small business. They provide security from all attacks against computers, including viruses and spyware. Their software configuration is very easy to use, while their applications effectively protect your computer or network. Additionally, ESET is available in digital download and boxed versions that you can receive in the mail or purchase at an electronics store.

Moreover, it is aimed at home users. It provides a host of tools and advanced features in addition to the antivirus and firewall modules. Compared to ESET NOD32 Antivirus, this product offers additional ways to protect your PC and data online. It is a very user-friendly antivirus. It is customizable, easy to use, and resource-friendly.

ESET Smart Security Crack

You can sit back, enjoy life, and relax – your computer and all its contents are protected. You’ll also be able to control some of its most sensitive applications without fear of any security breach. Keep your internet-connected devices safe from IT and infrastructure threats. Defend against a host of cyber threats, including viruses, ransomware, phishing, and unauthorized access.

ESET Automatic Live Grid scans websites and emails that you visit and sends suspicious data to ESET Cloud Intelligence Engine, which then reports back with a threat level. This way, it not only blocks malware but also detects phishing attempts as they happen.

ESET Smart Security Crack v15.0.24 + License Key [Premium]

It includes a fully configurable firewall to protect your computer against external attacks, plus antispam and Application Control to protect against internal network attacks and unwanted application communication.

Keep your personal information safe and private without having to sacrifice the technology you love. Plus, it is designed to offer the highest level of security available, seamlessly integrating with your existing devices so that you can use technology safely.

ESET password manager will make your life easier. It features a superior security and advanced management that help you keep track of all your accounts and passwords. If you have sensitive data to protect, you can create encrypted virtual drives or removable drives. This innovative anti-theft protection system is designed to keep your worries at bay while you can enjoy the convenience of surfing on your device and paying the bills online.


Local protection

It doesn’t slow down your system drain your resources, and the interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through. Our sophisticated virus detection engine will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your computer is safe from all kinds of threats.

It protects you against Internet threats. Plus, it prevents webcam spying by others and offers device control, helping you manage external drives and limit the risks of using removable media.

It protects you from hackers and attacks, even when your computer is online. The Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) monitors software activities and protects unwanted actions.

Web and network protection

Our advanced antivirus technology keeps your computer running smoothly, so you can focus on what’s important to you. And when it comes to keeping your kids safe online, ESET Parental Control gives you the peace of mind to let them explore the internet with confidence.

Its complete networking tools let you manage your network like never before. It can protect against network-based attacks and block botnet communication to keep your family safe and your data private.

Numerous additional tools

It is the complete security solution for protecting your devices. ESET’s award-winning line of products has been around since 1988, making it among the longest-running security providers in the business today. Its comprehensive suite features a wide array of tools that can help you control your privacy and security on all of your devices.

With a password manager to help keep your accounts safe and optional add-ons for all major browsers, you will have the privilege of keeping your data safe and secure.

Protect your data from prying eyes with a secure browser that allows you to access your bank accounts and credit card information easily. Or protect yourself against theft by using the anti-theft system to locate your device remo


It’s easy. Stay safer online and in your home or business with ESET. Upgrade to a solution that helps you identify thieves, track and locate stolen computers, lock your device remotely, and much more.

Minimal power usage

We keep your devices running faster and safer, so whether you’re working, playing, or both, you can still get everything done. Stay unplugged & online longer with battery-saving mode and enjoy gaming without distracting pop-ups.

A complete solution for users

It is a top-rated antivirus that offers comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, and other security threats. It features various advanced features and extra tools to help you stay secure and protect your data.

The interface remains the same, and all editions of ESET security programs are very similar in this regard, so upgrading from one of them will be very straightforward.

eset smart security crack license key


eset smart security premium license key 2022


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ESET Smart Security is a comprehensive security suite that offers protection from various online threats. The suite includes an antivirus program, a firewall, and an anti-spam filter. It also has multiple tools to protect your computer from malicious software and other online threats.


  • Offers comprehensive protection from a variety of online threats
  • Includes an antivirus program, a firewall, and an anti-spam filter
  • Includes a variety of tools to protect your computer from malicious software and other online threats


  • It may slow down your computer
  • May conflict with other security programs
  • may not be compatible with all versions of Windows

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Photo Mechanic 6.8 Crack + License Key [Latest] 2023

Photo Mechanic Crack + License Key Free Download

Photo Mechanic 6.1 Crack + License Key [Latest] 2022


Photo Mechanic Crack is a fast and efficient photo management tool that enables you to manage your photos in a way that suits you—entering the professional workflow after each shoot takes just a few minutes. Photo Mechanic will automatically sort and rank your images and allow you to preview and quickly pick your best shots. When you’re done with your shoot, you need to transition from shooter to editor—and fast. Pull in all your photos effortlessly, review metadata in a click, and choose the ones to process without delay. Get back to shooting sooner And spend less time knowing more when editing.

If you use Adobe Lightroom or Aperture, you already know how powerful it is to catalog images with metadata. But if you are currently pushing your photos to the web via FTP, your life is probably full of frustration. Photo Mechanic keeps you in front of your clients, keeps your hard work out of the shadows, and keeps you stocked with relevant keywords that do your work justice. Plus, Photo Mechanic makes it easy for any client on the other side of the world to view your amazing work.

Stop trying to decide which photo service you want to use. Navigating through the overwhelming list of options for managing your content is enough to make anyone throw their hands up in the air, but with Photo Mechanic, making use of all these services is easier than ever. Plus, you have quick access to every asset you’ve ever created.

Easily find the right photo with the right metadata. Protect your image with protected IPTC metadata, including creator name, copyright, and credit information.

Photo Mechanic Crack

As a professional, you know the value of your images and how to take great ones. Squeezing every last ounce of quality from your memory cards is part of the job. The sleek and speedy Photo Mechanic will streamline those steps and save you time to focus on what matters: finding those diamonds in the rough. Plug your memory card into your computer, then let Photo Mechanic get to work organizing it all. No annoying delays. No cramped controls. Just an intuitive design that offers lightning-fast navigation to tens of thousands of digital images.

Photo Mechanic 6.1 Crack + License Key [Latest] 2022

Isn’t it time you got to know your photos? Photo Mechanic is an easy-to-use photo editor that will make you look at them in a whole new light. It’s focused on one thing: allowing you to quickly and easily add metadata, tags, and location information to hundreds or thousands of photos at once. It helps you organize, edit, and then share your best photographs. We are passionate about freeing your creativity.

Build your workflow. Whether running Adobe Lightroom or Capture One, making adjustments across the board is easier than ever before. When you need fast and accurate metadata, Photo Mechanic is for you. It lets you add tags, titles, and rights while importing, collecting GPS data, or pulling metadata from the cloud. Quickly flip through images at lightning speed with zero loading wait time. Overcome the limitations of your computer.

Keep track of your keywords with custom lists that include dozens of keywords, or use the keyword list generator to choose from hundreds of common words.


Fast Viewing / Culling

Maybe you’re still shooting film. And it’s time to take your image collection digital. Maybe you’ve been working with Raw files since the day you bought your first digital camera, but now you want to make processing easier. Photo Mechanic will put you on the fast track to better images.

Work How You Want

Working with this software is easy. Whether you work in Lightroom, Capture One, or Photoshop, there are no complicated layers, no confusion about blending modes, no need to re-edit your photos after you’re done. Just hit play, and Photo Mechanic does the rest.

Captions, Keywords, And Copyright

While a photo is worth a thousand words, only the embedded metadata counts, get your photos tagged faster with crucial info like (c) and (R) to help you protect your images and keep track of where they’ve been published.

Contact Sheet

Until now, RAW editing has been a long, slow process. But not anymore. With the Contact Sheet interface, you can edit and markup your images on a vibrant, full-screen canvas with a hidden timeline and smart tools at your fingertips.

Preview Raw Files Fast

Not sure what you’re looking at? Flipping through 20,000+ images is fun! With Photo Mechanic, you’ll save time, edit, and have more shots to edit. Save time with automated photo culling. Create perfect masks in seconds.


It is the only software that lets you apply the same keyword across all your images. Whether you use keywords manually or automatically via EXIF, XMP, or IPTC fields, you can now add more keywords than ever before with this powerful photo keyword organizer tool.

GPS Coordinates

]It is the leading software for managing, sorting, and posting large numbers of photos. Now you can automatically apply your saved GPS tracking logs to your photos with the program! It’s fast, easy, and takes just seconds per photo!


Photo Mechanic is a fast and efficient photo editor that can save you a lot of time when editing your photos.


It can be a bit overwhelming for beginners and it can take some time to get used to all of its features.

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PrivateVPN Crack (APK + Mod) Free Download (2023)

PrivateVPN Crack

PrivateVPN Crack


The PrivateVPN Crack software automatically installs everything you need to connect to the internet via a distant VPN server. No manual configuration is required, which makes it easy for anyone to use. You can start accessing the content in mere seconds. We will automatically connect you to the fastest VPN server, depending on your location. We will not keep any data logs. Some of our servers offer a Double VPN connection which encrypts your traffic twice. So, you can unblock geo-restricted content and surf anonymously. Relax. Your privacy is in safe hands with us!

PrivateVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service. The VPN services help users worldwide to protect their personal information even under public Wi-Fi hotspots and prevent third parties from monitoring their online traffic. The service uses Open VPN protocols (UDP / TCP) to encrypt data.

Further, the PrivateVPN mobile application enables you to bypass any censorship and firewalls. This way, you can unblock your favorite online content, tap into even more websites, apps, social networks, and video streaming platforms, and stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on back at home. Easy to install, easy to use. Just click the button, then surf. PrivateVPN is one of the fastest ways to stay safe, secure, and private online.

Our speedy VPN service lets you forget about firewalls and enjoy your favorite TV shows and programs from anywhere in the world. Now, you can do all this and more with this software. Designed with the flexibility to unblock any site or app, PrivateVPN is your key to an unrestricted, fully encrypted internet experience. Fast connections and unblocked content for streaming videos and downloading files

Features Of PrivateVPN Crack

PrivateVPN Crack

Unlock geo-restricted media

Whether you want to stream your favorite TV shows or connect with your friends across social media, our VPN makes it much easier to do it safely.

Be undetectable

Using military-grade encryption, all information sent and received is hidden from the eyes of snoopers such as hackers and governments. At PrivateVPN, we believe in the right to privacy and anonymity on the internet. For this reason, we use ciphers and protocols which have stood the test of time to ensure that they will always protect your data.

Max speeds for easy browsing.

Say goodbye to slow connections and to buffer. We’re a VPN that doesn’t compromise speed for security, giving your connection the power it needs always to remain smooth and uninterrupted.

1-click-setup VPN

Find out what you’ve been missing. Try the world’s fastest, most reliable VPN services with apps for computers, smartphones, routers, and tablets. Double-check your security with our handy IP checker. Our tons of VPN servers are spread out over more than 60 countries. We don’t keep any logs or provide tech support on StealthVPN. You can unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, or any site you want using our StealthVPN.

Privacy has never been so fast.

With PrivateVPN at the forefront of a mission to protect your online privacy, you can stream HD video, connect to public Wi-Fi and download content at lightning speeds. It offers fast speeds, military-grade encryption, and unlimited bandwidth. Unblock the websites you love and browse the internet with no worries.

We treat our customers like family.

Your subscription comes with access to a team of real-life support agents who are dedicated to helping you. No question is too small or big for our highly trained customer service agents. You’ll also be talking directly to the software developers that build PrivateVPN, so we solve problems fast.

Choose from 63 PrivateVPN locations

It will allow you to access any online content from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking to unblock websites or keep snoopers off your back, PrivateVPN ensures your security and privacy.

No Data Logging Policy

We keep no logs, not even for troubleshooting. That means that you can use our service with peace of mind, knowing that you’re not being monitored or recorded.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed

We want to give you a perfect, hassle-free online experience. As a result, we have a no-logs policy and a lightning-fast network of VPN servers worldwide. Get the flexibility and enhanced security you need to access and unblock your favorite content and download files quickly and easily.

Killswitch Feature

Forgot to disconnect from VPN? PrivateVPN closes all your open web sessions, hiding your IP from the world. Rest assured that with PrivateVPN, you can remain connected to the internet even if your VPN connection suddenly drops.

Port Forward

It offers fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and P2P support. We take care of our users and help them get the most out of their VPN.


  • Able to unblock geo-restricted content
  • AES-256-bit encryption ensures data privacy
  • No logs mean user activity is not monitored
  • 24/7 customer support in case of any issues


  • More expensive than some other options
  • Limited server network compared to others

How to Crack?

  • Download the PrivateVPN OpenVPN file from the internet.
  • Install the OpenVPN client on your computer.
  • Right-click on the PrivateVPN OpenVPN file and select “Open with” > “OpenVPN Client.”
  • Enter your username and password when prompted and click “Connect.”

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SkinFiner Crack & Serial Key Free Download

SkinFiner Crack

SkinFiner Crack & Serial Key Free Download


SkinFiner Crack is a powerful photo editing software that lets you design exactly what you imagine when looking at your photos. SkinFiner is the ultimate tool to free up your time for more important things – like spending quality time with your friends or family, thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface.

Another day, another photo editing program you have to learn to use. Thankfully, with SkinFiner in your arsenal of photo tools, you don’t have to feel the pinch of time wasted learning yet another piece of software. SkinFiner was developed with a simple philosophy: Do one thing great and do that one thing well.

SkinFiner Crack & Serial Key Free Download

Snapping a picture has never been simpler with the help of the SkinFiner A.I. camera. By continuously scanning your environment and identifying which of your most relevant surroundings, the SkinFiner achieves optimal focus on you and any people around you, regardless of distance, background, or lighting conditions. This feature is turned on automatically, but you can always turn it off if you prefer to take pictures manually.

Your face is the first thing people notice, and skin that doesn’t match your character may lead to awkward situations. With SkinFiner, we have solved this problem and given you a simple way to look great.

Using SkinFiner is simple and intuitive. Just tap the detected skin area to address imperfections such as acne, age spots, and more. This software is a revolutionary new skin-smoothing and facial-adjusting program that lets you see the difference immediately. You can set it to automatically remove blemishes, adjust skin tone and other facial features, give you a perfect smile or even make you look slimmer!

SkinFiner Crack

Want to see your pictures in a whole new light? Press and hold the auto-correct button to make amazing changes in your photos! SkinFiner will automatically adjust skin tone, facial features, and even lighting to give you a much better image.

The great thing about SkinFiner is that it’s completely mess-free. With SkinFiner, you apply a skin mask to your face and let it sit. When 15 minutes is up, rinse off the mask, and you’re done. The process works wonders on wrinkles and acne spots, giving you a smoother look.

SkinFiner Crack & Serial Key Free Download

It has different skincare options for dry, over-processed, and mature skin. It smoothes out your look and helps lock in moisture, so you get to patch those over-processed skin masks that feel too greasy after some time. This software brings elegance, style, and sophistication to skincare science. Our products are crafted to give you a polished look—by locking in moisture and leaving behind a silky feel. Your skin won’t know if you’ve outflanked it with SkinFiner products.

This user-friendly application is simple to learn and use, giving even the novice power to fine-tune their photos. An online skin-editing service helps you stick a younger, more glowing face on your old pictures and videos. SkinFiner has the most advanced tools to finely tune the skin tone, zap off blemishes, and soften imperfections with professional-level results.


Intuitive graphic interface

We developed an intuitive application that lets you retouch the look of your digital pictures with little effort. We’ve simplified the most important tools into an easy-to-read interface.

You can also drag and drop an image onto the main window or browse its location. SkinFiner will load it in whatever format it is in, be it RAW or any JPG/PNG/TIFF, etc. It’s incredibly easy to configure: a few clicks and you are done. It is packed with high-end features designed just for photographers, artists, designers, and graphic professionals.

Automatically retouch skin appearance.

Moreover, it helps you to analyze your original and enhanced images side by side. This way, you can easily see the progress of your work and make sure that no detail is missed.

Whether you’re new to retouching or a professional photographer, our intuitive interface makes editing portraits easy. With the touch of a button, you can apply one of the available presets or manually adjust the skin mask or smoothing degree.

With this software, you can easily adjust the skin tone of your photos by adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast, along with the highlights and shadows.

Convert and rename the output image

After getting SkinFiner, convert your image to multiple popular image formats, including BMP, TIFF PNG, and JPG. Rename it with a suitable pattern of your choosing. You can also change the size and resolution of the picture to be saved.

Sharing your pictures is only part of the fun. It can strip all the metadata from the graphics file so that you can share photos with peace of mind.

This software eliminates flaws and unwanted skin blemishes so you can showcase your most natural, beautiful self. With SkinFiner, you can also get creative with various editing and customization tools before saving your work.

Full-time 16 Bit Processing

This software offers 16/32-bit per channel processing to control your color adjustments. It uses a new algorithm to make accurate skin tones while keeping all the photograph’s details.

Fits Your Workflow

SkinFiner is a Photoshop plugin and standalone application. It easily gives you the power to edit your photos to perfection within minutes. It comes with one-click presets, and you can create your own unique and personalized presets. Batch processing allows you to deal with multiple photos at a time. This software lets you do more in the same amount of time.

System Requirements

  • CPU: 1GHz Processor
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Display: Screen 1024 X 768

skinfiner activation code


  • SkinFiner can help to smooth out and refine the appearance of your skin, giving you a more youthful look.
  • It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • SkinFiner can help to even out your skin tone, making it look more radiant and healthy.
  • It can help reduce pores’ appearance, giving your skin a more even and smooth appearance.


  • SkinFiner may not be suitable for all skin types, so it is essential to test it on a small area of skin before using it on your whole face.
  • If used incorrectly, SkinFiner can actually make your skin look worse.
  • SkinFiner can be quite expensive, so it may not be within everyone’s budget.

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WinToUSB Crack + Serial Key [Keygen-2023]

WinToUSB Enterprise Crack With Keygen Download

WinToUSB Crack + Serial Key [Keygen-2023]


WinToUSB Crack enables you to use your USB flash drive [or external hard disk] as a complete Windows To Go workspace. You can install and run your favorite Windows operating system from a USB flash drive or external hard drive with a capacity of up to 128G, even on a netbook or thin client.

With a push of a button, one can create a bootable Windows To Go workspace on an external hard drive. The application supports creating a Windows To Go workspace from an ISO image file, a client version of Windows located on a CD/DVD, and even a main version of the Windows operating system on your computer’s hard drive.

You can create a bootable Windows installation flash drive from Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/2012/2016 ISO file and make the USB drive bootable. You can transfer the content of Windows PE to a USB drive and make the USB drive bootable.

Making an easy-to-use Windows To Go USB drive couldn’t be simpler. With WinToUSB, you can create your portable version of Windows 10 almost instantly. It allows you to create a portable Windows installation that can be carried on a USB drive, booting from it on any PC, to run your everyday apps and business tools.

WinToUSB Full Version Download

Have you ever used a USB drive to run an operating system briefly? Yes, it’s possible nowadays. At WinToUSB, we have developed a professional Windows To Go Creator software, and Windows To Go, Creator can make bootable USB drives of Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Non-Enterprise Edition. You can easily run a desktop version of Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 from any USB drive with our product!

Software to create a bootable Windows To Go drive on your USB memory stick (thumb drive). Great for trying out and demonstrating Microsoft’s newest enterprise feature without the need to burn a DVD. No administrator rights are required!

WinToUSB Crack + Serial Key [Keygen-2023]

Choose a USB drive or an external hard drive from the drop-down menu. Then, select a Windows distribution from the next drop-down list. When ready to proceed, click “Next.”

All you need to do is to go to the ‘Options’ menu and select the USB drive letter in the form of ‘USB_DRIVE_LETTER:.’ Then, you can save time and space for your computer by easily creating a bootable USB drive for installing Windows operating systems from USB flash drives.

User-friendly tool

WinToUSB is another utility that lets you easily create a bootable USB drive without requiring any advanced configurations. It eliminates the need to burn CDs or to set up your system BIOS. You do not have to worry about blinking or missing CD-ROM drives, and no matter what USB you use, WinUSB will make it bootable.

To get started, you’ll need to pick a device you plan to take your operating system and application files to. Next, you will be asked to select the Windows 7, 8, or 10 installation drive or the ISO file downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Maintaining simplicity, you may choose from FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT file systems after selecting Windows distributions.

Create a bootable USB drive easily.

WinToUSB will allow you to move your operating system from a hard disk drive to a USB flash drive, effectively creating a bootable external system. The only requirement is enough space on the flash drive for both operating systems.

Fully automated. The installer is completely automated and can install Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP from any USB drive without damaging the existing data.

Lightweight program

You can launch the program once you download it. There is no need to go through an installation procedure before using WinUSB, and a helpful user guide is available on the product’s homepage.

If you are one of the many people who want to install Windows from an external storage device, it is a great application for you. Through this software, users can help you create an installation disk for Windows on a removable disk drive rather than on the hard disk drive.

Features OF WinToUSB Crack

  • Creating a Windows To Go USB drive has never been easier. Follow the simple instructions and let our wizard take care of everything else.
  • Award-winning WinToUSB enables you to install Windows from a USB drive on a bare PC or MAC. It converts ISO/WIM/ESD/SWM/VHD/VHDX image files or CD/DVD drives into bootable USB devices for installing Windows operating systems on computers.
  • Stop lugging around a physical Windows drive. Clone from your existing Windows system to a USB Drive and use it on any machine.
  • Clone and run Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 from a USB Drive. Lockdown the USB and bypass Microsoft activation to use on any PC.
  • Windows To Go is a workspace that runs on a portable device. It allows you to take Windows with you, so you can use programs, connect to wi-fi, access files, and more wherever you go.
  • WinToUSB is a Windows program to create bootable USB drives. It makes it possible for regular users to install and run Microsoft Windows operating systems on various flash drives, regardless of the size and capacity of the storage devices connected to their computers.
  • With the release of Windows 10 and the new functionality for Mobile Device Management vendors and systems integrators, this software also adds support for creating VHD-based/VHDX-based Windows To Go Workspace.


  • WinToUSB is very easy to use, and it doesn’t require any special knowledge to create a bootable USB drive. The process is very fast, and you can create a bootable USB drive in a matter of minutes.


  • WinToUSB doesn’t support all versions of Windows, and it doesn’t work with all computers.

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Luminar 4.4.5 Crack + Activation Key Free (Torrent)

Luminar Crack + Activation Key Download

Luminar Crack + Activation Key Free (Torrent)


Luminar Crack is a powerful photo editing software that makes taking photos and editing them an enjoyable experience. Luminar offers a simple and intuitive interface that’s easy to use, even for beginners. By providing a wide range of features, Luminar makes complex photo editing an easy and memorable experience. Not only that, but Luminar also comes with responsive and beautiful animations.

It utilizes advanced technology that helps you remove unwanted objects, color casts, and digital noise. It smooths your skin while enhancing its texture and revealing the hidden details in your photos. Luminar has snap-in blending layers, including preset blend modes, extensive texture overlays, and powerful masking tools. These layers offer unique ways to use Luminar daily. For example, you can apply radiant and smooth effects to create an airbrushed look or add targeted textures to create a retro feel.

Luminar makes it easy to edit your images with adjustments and effects you can apply to specific portions of the photo. It includes selective color controls and cross-process filters so that you can get creative in no time at all. It isn’t just a tool; it’s an art and science wrapped into one beautiful package. Luminar brings innovations to your photo editing process, letting you achieve final results that put a smile on your face.

Whether you are new to photography or a professional photographer, Luminar has the right tools for you. Get started shooting right away, and continue to learn new things as you go. It comes with an interface designed for everyone. It plays well with others, too: the ability to open and edit files from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture makes Luminar your Swiss Army knife for all image tasks.

Luminar Full Version

The workspace in Luminar is super easy. Everything you need to polish an image is right in front of you, meaning you can quickly create amazing results for your photos. You can adjust the workspace to any size, so you can achieve the perfect look to spark your creative streak.

Moreover, it combines all professional and beginner photo effects in one package. It also contains layers, luminosity masks, radial and gradient masking, histogram, blend modes, brushes for selective editing, color mixer, split toning, and a lot more.

Luminar Crack + Activation Key Free (Torrent)

Luminar’s presets were designed with professional photographers in mind. Each one adjusts different parameters and creates certain types of photos. For example, there’s a preset for creating sunsets, another for taking pictures of the clouds, and even more. Luminar also comes with a feature called “lens tools” so you can make your photos look like they have been taken with a particular lens.

With its unique and innovative graphic filters, Luminar makes it easier to extract details. Its amazing masking engine and intuitive adjustments help you get the best result. Whether you mess up your phone camera’s photo before uploading, or you need to fix blemishes, Luminar’s powerful toolkit has filters that allow you to fine-tune presets that can improve the image in detail.


Luminar Crack + Activation Key Free (Torrent)

Ready-to-use presets to enhance your photos quickly.

There are dozens of professional-looking presets specifically designed for different sceneries: street or outdoor photos, travel images, portraits, and more. Additional support for custom filters is available. These presets can be easily applied to the input photo with just a click to provide a starting point in further editing.

AI-powered photo filters

The Accent AI filter that Luminar uses can help you achieve the perfect balance where you want to add a focal point without futz with a bunch of traditional controls.

Adjust the color of your photos with Luminar’s complete range of editing tools that let you change brightness, contrast, and saturation. Layer filters for advanced editing, add a vignette for dramatic results, retouch skin to create flawless portraits, accentuate texture in landscapes, and more.

Adaptive Interface

Luminar combines the most advanced image-processing algorithms with an easy-to-master interface that makes photo editing fun. No matter your skill level, Luminar has all the tools you need to create incredible images.

Powerful Tools

It is a powerful photo editor with an incredible array of retouching tools. It helps you remove unwanted objects, color casts, noise, and more. Its intuitive interface, layers with blend modes, overlays and image masking, smooth skin retouching, powerful RAW processing, detailed editing tools, and so much more!

State-of-the-Art Darkroom You Design Yourself

The workspaces in this software offer you a variety of simple, high-quality filters, whether you’re editing a photo of your friend or a landscape. Or you can create your own, based on how you like to edit photos. Intuitive and powerful, Luminar is a non-destructive photo editor with an extensive collection of presets and filters and flexible workspace customization. Easily apply a great variety of awesome effects or create your own unique, amazing look.

New Approach to Pro Photo Editing

This software combines all kinds of pro-level photo effects and tools in one package, featuring layers, luminosity masks, radial and gradient masking, histogram, blend modes, brushes for selective editing, color mixer, split toning, and a lot more. It’s simple to use with the right balance of powerful tools.

System Requirements

  • CPU: Core i5 2.2 or equal
  • RAM: 8 Gb or more
  • GPU: 1Gb or more
  • SDD or HDD drive with 20+ Gb free space

Luminar AI has a lot of potentials, but it also has some drawbacks.


  • It has the potential to revolutionize image editing by making it more automated and easier to do.
  • Moreover, it could save a lot of time for photographers, as it would automate many of the tasks currently done manually.
  • It can potentially improve the quality of photos, as it can correct many common issues automatically.


  • There is a risk that it could make photos look too perfect and artificial.
  • It could also make it harder for photographers to be creative, as it would automate many of the tasks currently done manually.
  • It is unclear how well it would work in practice and whether it would live up to its potential.

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Capture One Pro Crack + License Code, Keygen Download

Capture One Pro Crack – With Patch Setup

Capture One Pro Crack + License Code, Keygen Download


With its combination of great image quality and powerful digital asset management capabilities, Capture One Pro Crack for Windows is your first choice when you need to get the best out of each and every image from your camera.

Capture One Pro, the leading RAW file converter, now includes an updated processing engine and market-leading performance. It puts Capture One Pro at the top of its class in performance – for both single and batch processing. Featuring enhanced chromatic aberration correction and a powerful new noise reduction tool, these improvements come with innovative new features that make Capture One usable and valuable for anyone serious about photography.

Capture One makes it quick and simple to improve your shot’s image quality. With the large set of tools available, you can easily recover lost details, correct optical problems, or simply adjust the image to give it a more natural look. All tools are designed for full control and maximum comfort.

Featuring powerful yet elegant tools, fast image processing, an advanced tethered capture workflow, and a dedicated Capture Assistant, Capture One Pro is your perfect partner for efficient workflow.

Color correction and other image processing tasks are faster with Capture One Pro 9.0 than any other software on the market. The full suite of RAW tools, precise color settings, and non-destructive workflows allows you to achieve stunning results.

Discover the ins and outs of Capture One for Desktop in our Tutorials. Ground yourself with the Color Balance Tool, use Local Adjustments to perfect your images, create personal Keywords, and build a collection of Keyword Libraries for easy access.

Capture One Pro Crack

Moreover, Capture One Pro is the professional’s choice for amazing photography. Its powerful editing tools allow you to quickly and easily edit your photography to its finest details – and you can now do so without any interface.

We work hard to make our software as easy as possible for you and your team. Our app lets you organize the photos you take on set and sync them seamlessly with Capture One Pro. It is the next-generation photo management software for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Plus, it can be used as a backpack to download and organize your photos with blazing-fast tethering technology.

Capture One Pro Crack + License Code, Keygen Download

It is intuitive and flexible. Advanced options are there for people who want them, but it’s easy to use the first time you open up the software. Obviously, it’s not much fun trying to figure out the UI. We designed it with you in mind, so it’s great if you have experience with other photo-editing software.

Features Of Capture One Pro Crack

Capture One Pro Tutorials

Get up to speed with Capture One Pro for Desktop Tutorials. Learn about the Color Balance Tool, how to create Local Adjustments, organize your Images with Keywords and Keyword Libraries, and much more!

Simple Adjustment Guides

Download a RAW file from a famous photographer and follow the simple, step-by-step guides as they edit the image in front of your eyes. Guides for wedding photography, photojournalism, landscape photography, and others!

Capture One Pro Webinars

It is a powerful and intuitive software program that allows you to process your images quickly. We also offer one-hour online training sessions with the ability to switch between languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Cantonese, and Russian).

For everyday creatives

This release is jam-packed with new and improved features for your most seamless editing experience yet. We’ve redesigned our workflow tools and added powerful new features so you can get back to making every image count.


It is a full-featured photo editing tool that lets you make any color look perfect. And it’s the only software of its kind that applies the same exact technology to RAW files and JPEGs, capturing and processing each image with care to ensure that each pixel looks exactly how you intended it to look.


You can use tools, including the Speed Edit tool, to make edits without ever going through a menu. And you can automatically organize your library using Smart Collections.

It is a powerful image editing tool that helps you make quality images in record time. With the unique Speed-Edit tool, you can edit without the interface and adjust multiple edits at once. It gives you professional workflow tools so that organizing your photos into folders is easy too.


This software assists you by automatically managing your photos and helping you sort them into folders so that it’s easier to find them. Capture One Pro also lets you seamlessly sync images to your mobile phone, so you can view, sort, and share photos anywhere.

Nordic x Beyond Style Kit

Create a variety of looks, from classic film-based styles to natural looks inspired by outdoor light, and save. For great value, Capture One Pro lets you combine 13 of our freshest styles in one kit. The styles cover a range of looks, from classic film to natural light.

There are many reasons to use Capture One Pro, as it is one of the most popular and powerful raw image editors. However, there are also a few drawbacks to consider.


  • Capture One Pro offers excellent image quality and a wide range of powerful editing tools.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of cameras and lenses.
  • The software is regularly updated with new features and improvements.
  • A free trial is available, so you can try it before you buy.


  • Capture One Pro can be expensive, especially if you purchase additional plugins or software.
  • The learning curve can be steep, and it may take some time to master all the features.
  • Some users have reported stability issues, particularly with older software versions.

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Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack With License KEY [Lifetime]

Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack

Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack With License KEY [Lifetime]


Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack comes with cutting-edge protection from daily virus scans and malware removal. It protects your files, browser, installation packages, and devices from new threats.

For security, the Comodo Internet Security Premium Software is a must-have for your computer. It assures you peace of mind knowing that all of your private data is protected at the highest level.

Comodo Antivirus blends into the background. You’ll never notice it until it steps up and saves you from an attack. With Comodo Antivirus, you can go about your business without fear of losing your data.

With hackers and phishing attacks, malware is on the rise. Protect yourself from all threats with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security Software. Keep your entire system safe all year round with the latest version of Comodo Internet Security Software.

Prevent your computer from spying on you to steal your identity and sensitive information. Shield yourself from money-seeking malware that secretly holds your system hostage!

Keep your PC safe from malicious threats. It blocks dangerous files and applications for your PC’s security. Adjusting itself to your specific needs, the firewall will always keep you safe and secure.

Comodo Internet Security Premium gives you the added protection it takes to keep your family safe online with an advanced cloud-based database of all known viruses and trojans.

Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack With License KEY [Lifetime]

What is Internet Security?

Keep your family and business safe online by knowing what’s going on with your computers. Comodo Internet Security Premium includes:

  • A fast, free virus scanner.
  • Home network security.
  • A virtual private network (VPN) for secure web surfing.
  • Numerous other security components that keep you protected.

At Comodo Internet Security, there are rules and regulations to protect your account from being hacked by cyber-attacks that come from computers connected to the internet.

Features Of Comodo Internet Security Premium Crack

Default Deny Protection

Play it safe with an enhanced security system that protects you and your PC from viruses, spyware, trojans, malware, and other threats. In addition to identifying thousands of potential security threats, this software prevents unauthorized access to your PC.

Prevention-Based Protection

It is the top-rated antivirus and anti-malware protection, and our firewall keeps hackers and intruders out of your computer. We protect you from viruses, malware, phishing, spyware, bots, and more! Comodo Internet Security Premium offers simple protection from infected links and malicious websites.

Spyware Scanning

Built with 5-star, award-winning security technology, Spyware Scanner is designed to provide you with optimal protection from spyware, malware, and other malicious software lurking in your PC registry and disks.

Auto Sandbox Technology

You can run your untrusted programs safely in the sandbox, complete with full Internet access. The best way to ensure viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from your computer.

Secure Shopping

Deep protection for online shopping and banking. Features browser isolation, web protection, keylogger prevention, copy-paste protection, screen capture blocking, and malware inspection.

Cloud-Based Antivirus

You can run your antivirus from the cloud, so you’re protected from malware and viruses even if you don’t have up-to-date virus definitions. With cloud-based scanning, you’re able to get real-time protection from viruses and malware without needing up-to-date virus definitions.

Cloud-Based Behavior Analysis

Combining a cloud-based behavior analysis system with next-generation scanning technology, Comodo Internet Security Premium detects zero-day malware INSTANTLY. It prevents digital threats before they have a chance to infect your computer.

Cloud-Based Whitelisting

This innovative application features a modern ‘cloud’ approach to network security and helps you protect all of your information and files with ease.

Malicious Website Filtering

It tells you if you’re going to a dangerous website. And it gives you the tools to control what your kids see on the internet by letting you make custom block lists for each family member. It keeps your family safe while they browse the internet with custom content blockers that you set up.

Exclusive Access To Comodo’S “Safe-List”

There are two million known PC-friendly files and applications. Comodo Internet Security Premium will allow all your safe files and apps to run – keeping you safe.

Application Control

It provides the user with a simple, easy-to-use set of tools to help you control and secure your PC. It guards against all types of malware and unwanted applications, including viruses and PUPs. Plus, it helps you secure your PC from any threats. So you can surf freely and download confidently.

Personalized Protection Alerts

Firewall for Real-Time Protection quickly learns the rules you set for downloading software and adjusts its alerts accordingly to fit your needs. You’ll have total control over what downloads are blocked. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that the firewall is underway behind the scenes warning you of potential danger.

Game Mode

Cloud-based antivirus uses the power of all of our users’ computers to scan for malware in real-time, acting as a virtual immune system. You can control this unique feature from your desktop without slowing your computer down.

Comodo Internet Security is a comprehensive security suite that protects from various online threats. The program includes an antivirus scanner, a firewall, and other security tools. Comodo Internet Security is a good choice for users who want a comprehensive computer security solution.


  • The program provides comprehensive protection from a variety of online threats.
  • The program includes an antivirus scanner, a firewall, and other security tools.
  • Comodo Internet Security is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.


  • It is a paid security suite, so you must purchase a license.
  • It is not available for macOS or Linux, so if you use either operating system, you will need another security solution.

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Corel Draw X5 Crack + Serial Number Keygen For Free!

Corel Draw X5 Crack + Keygen (Free Download)

Corel Draw X5 Crack + Serial Number Keygen For Free!


Corel Draw X5 Crack is the drawing tool that gives you everything you need to create amazing graphics, edit photos, and design websites. With advanced support for Windows 10, multi-monitor viewing, and 4K displays, you can take your creativity to the next level with speed and confidence. Create stunning designs and professional graphics, edit photos with precision, build stunning websites, and more.

Your graphics are a way of expressing yourself. Whether you are creating something personal or professional, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is here to help you create some of the most incredible graphics. Hone your skills with precision tools that make expert design a breeze. With seamless workflows, you can fine-tune any image and find the perfect color to fit any brand personality. Designed to take everything you have done before to the next level. Design with confidence and achieve stunning results.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 has everything you need. It’s easy to learn and simple to use. You can create spectacular artwork and unique projects. It can help you make your ideas happen. Whether you are an occasional user or a professional designer, our tools make it easy to get started, experiment, and explore wherever your ideas might take you.

Corel Draw X5 Crack

Whether you want to give your images a touch-up or are after something completely new, our easy-to-use tools are just what you’re looking for. Help is always at hand with our tutorials and product introductions that get you started quickly, without getting lost in the jargon. Please switch to the complete suite when you find out how much time it saves you. It’s easy! Just feel right at home with your favorite tools anywhere you go. Customize the size, color, and more wherever you create. Search across a library of free and premium apps, plugins, extensions, fonts, and more. Anywhere you need inspiration!

Corel Draw X5 Crack + Serial Number Keygen For Free!

The intuitive, powerhouse design tools of Corel Draw X5 are designed to help you create beautiful designs faster than ever. Get up and running quickly with pre-drafted templates that you can customize from the ready-made designs you’ll find in our online store—or upload your source material and make it your own.

It helps you design anything from a logo to a brochure or even your website. This suite doesn’t just meet the industry-standard but exceeds it with extensive feature sets and ongoing updates for new features and tools to help you stay competitive in the ever-changing market.


Open an expansive toolbox of versatile applications.

If you’re looking for something to inspire you, get excited with CorelDRAW X5. It’s the tool that helps you create just about anything from nearly any kind of design. From logos to invitations and posters to greeting cards, there are endless ways for you to unleash your creativity for almost any project.

Jump in

The Graphics Suite makes it easy to get started. Learn the fundamentals of each tool, see what’s new with a Startup Tour, or transition between tools while retaining your familiar workspace. You can also benefit from high-quality content and versatile in-product learning.

Over 100 new features, including the most powerful image correction tools, allow you to tune, retouch and perfect your images. Graphics Suite makes it easy to be creative, while Quick Design Templates can get you up and running with professional designs in one click. With product walkthroughs, interactive tutorials, and an industry-recognized suite of creative tools, Graphics Suite makes it easy to be productive.


The exclusive My Fonts menu from Corel Font Manager features all our designers’ fonts for their projects. You’ll find all of your favorite fonts and serifs, sans-serifs, decorative fonts, and more! Launch every application in a snap, or customize your screen for the perfect look with an easy-to-use customizable docking bar.


Work smarter with Corel’s new graphic design software. Find the perfect fonts for any project quickly and easily, thanks to the font search feature in Corel Draw X5. Capture any original idea on your pen-enabled device, just like you would with a pencil and paper, with the new LiveSketch tool. Streamline production time by quickly editing photos with the Healing Clone tool in Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

From start to finish, you’ll have what it takes to create amazing graphics without any of the hassles. Save time and effort—with new tools that take the guesswork out of all your design projects.


We formed this community as a friendly place to learn, explore new ideas, and feel inspired to create. It’s a place for everyone, from the beginner looking for tips and advice to the seasoned pro who wants to show off their portfolio. The goal is: to be better makers – one another. It delivers unmatched performance and capabilities, empowering you with the freedom to experiment and explore without the constraints of time, budget, and equipment. Our comprehensive set of professional design tools, intuitive workflows, and extensive design elements gives you the power to discover new ways to invigorate campaigns and brands.

Other Features

  • Enjoy a treasure trove of 7,000 clipart, digital images, and vehicle wrap templates for eye-catching designs.
  • Thousands of digital photos for you to choose from, with simple navigation and uploading tools.
  • It has got your fonts covered with more than 1,000 True Type and Open Type fonts from the industry’s best professional font foundries.
  • Download professional-design templates and install the new vector fills to customize your designs in minutes.


  • The software is versatile and can be used for various purposes, from creating detailed illustrations to designing simple logos.
  • Corel Draw X5 has a wide range of features and tools that make it suitable for both beginners and more experienced users.
  • The software is relatively affordable and is often bundled with other Corel products, making it a good value for the money.


  • The interface of Corel Draw X5 can be confusing and overwhelming for new users, with a lot of menus and options to choose from.
  • The software is not as widely compatible as some other graphic design programs, so it may not be able to open or edit specific files.
  • It can sometimes be slow and sluggish, mainly when working with large or complex files.

Corel draw x7 crack keygen

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Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download is a word processing software program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It allows users to create and edit documents, such as letters, resumes, and reports. Word 2010 includes features such as a spell checker, grammar checker, and the ability to insert and edit images, charts, and other media. It also includes collaborating on documents in real time with other users and saving documents to the cloud. Word 2010 is compatible with Windows operating systems.

How Office 2010 is Different From Its Predecessor?

Microsoft Word 2010 is the successor to Microsoft Word 2007. While Word 2010 includes many of the same features as its predecessor, there are also several key differences and improvements:

  • Backstage View: Word 2010 introduces a new feature called Backstage View, which allows users to access and manage their documents, including saving, printing, and sharing options, from a single location.
  • Co-authoring: Word 2010 includes a co-authoring feature that allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously, making it easier to collaborate on projects.
  • Improved multimedia support: Word 2010 includes improved support for inserting and editing images, videos, and other multimedia in documents.
  • Improved document navigation: Word 2010 includes improved document navigation features, such as the ability to jump to specific document parts and see multiple sections of a document simultaneously.
  • New and improved templates: Word 2010 includes new and enhanced document templates, making it easier for users to create professional-looking documents.
  • Improved ribbon interface: Word 2010 includes an improved ribbon interface that makes it easier for users to find and use the tools they need.
  • Improved performance and stability: Word 2010 is designed to be faster and more stable than its predecessor, with improvements to the performance and stability of the program.
  • Improved support for touch devices: Word 2010 includes improved support for touch devices, making it easier to use the software on devices with touchscreens.
  • More advanced picture editing and formatting: Word 2010 has more advanced picture editing and formatting options, such as crop, adjust and add effects to pictures within a document.

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Features Of Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 includes several features that make it a powerful productivity suite for businesses and individuals. Some of the key features include:

  • Word 2010: A word processing program that allows users to create and edit documents, such as letters, resumes, and reports.
  • Excel 2010: A spreadsheet program that allows users to create and edit spreadsheets, perform calculations, and create charts and graphs.
  • PowerPoint 2010: A program that allows users to create and edit presentations, including slide shows and multimedia presentations.
  • Outlook 2010: An email client that allows users to manage their email, calendar, and contacts in one place.
  • OneNote 2010: A digital notebook that allows users to organize notes, ideas, and research in one place.
  • Publisher 2010: A program that allows users to create and edit professional-looking publications, such as brochures and newsletters.
  • Access 2010: A database program that allows users to create and manage databases for tracking and organizing information.
  • Backstage View: This feature allows users to access and manage their documents, including saving, printing, and sharing options, from a single location.
  • Co-authoring: This feature allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously, making it easier to collaborate on projects.
  • Office Web Apps: This feature allows users to access and edit their Office documents from any device with an internet connection using Office Web Apps.

These are just a few examples of the features offered in Office 2010, and many more features can be helpful depending on the user’s needs.

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Word 2010 Product Key 64 Bit

How to Activate?

To activate Microsoft Office 2010, you will need a valid product key. The product key is a unique 25-character code used to activate the software. Once you have your product key, you can activate Office 2010 by following these steps:

  1. Open any Office 2010 program, such as Word or Excel.
  2. Click on the File tab in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Help in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  4. Click on Activate Product Key.
  5. Enter your product key in the field provided and click Next.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

It’s important to note that using a cracked Office 2010 or any other software is illegal. Sharing or using pirated software can lead to severe consequences, such as fines and legal action. Additionally, pirated software may contain viruses or malicious software, putting your computer and personal information at risk.

You can also try Office Online, where you can access your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents and create new ones for free. Also, Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription-based service that provides access to the latest version of Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. You can try Office 365 for free with a one-month trial.

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download

Pros and Cons


  • Familiar and easy-to-use interface: Office 2010 has a similar layout and interface to previous versions of Office, making it easy for users to navigate and find the tools they need.
  • Co-authoring feature: Office 2010 allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously, making it easier to collaborate on projects.
  • Improved multimedia support: Office 2010 includes improved support for inserting and editing images, videos, and other multimedia in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Office Web Apps: Office 2010 includes Office Web Apps, which allows users to access and edit their Office documents from any device with an internet connection.


  • Requires a valid product key: Office 2010 requires a valid product key to activate and use the software.
  • No longer supported by Microsoft: Office 2010 is an older version of the software and is no longer supported by Microsoft. It may not be compatible with newer devices and operating systems and may not receive security updates.
  • Limited cloud support: Office 2010 has limited cloud support compared to newer versions of Office, such as Office 365.

Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download


In conclusion, Microsoft Word 2010 Free Download includes many new features and improvements that make it a more powerful word-processing software than its predecessor. It’s better suited for collaboration, multimedia, document navigation, and formatting.

It is a powerful productivity suite that includes various tools for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Its familiar interface makes it easy for users to navigate and find the necessary tools. However, it is an older software version and is no longer supported by Microsoft. Office 2010 crack has limited cloud support compared to newer versions of Office. If you are looking for a more updated version of Office, you can try Office 365, which includes cloud-based features and is continuously updated by Microsoft.

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