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iTools Crack

iTools Crack is one of the most popular iPhone/iPad management apps that allows you to easily manage media, apps, photos, music and other data on your iOS device. It works for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and is available for both Windows and Mac. iTools comes in both free and paid versions. The free version contains ads and has limited features. Many users look for iTools crack files which can unlock the full version for free.

iTools Crack

iTools Crack is a hacked or patched version of the app that bypasses license verification and unlocks all premium features for free. It contains modified executable files and registry keys which trick the app into thinking you have purchased a valid license key. However, using such a cracked app is risky and considered illegal piracy. The cracked version may contain malware, viruses and other security risks that can steal data from your computer. It violates the app developer’s copyright and end user license terms. There are better alternatives to get iTools legally for free which we’ll discuss later.

iTools License Key

Moreover, iTools License Key is a unique 25-character alphanumeric code required to activate the premium version of iTools. Purchasing and entering a valid license key removes all restrictions and ads allowing you to access pro features like music/photo transfer, apps management, AirDrop etc.

There are many benefits to using an original iTools license key instead of cracks:

  1. Unlocks all advanced features of iTools to manage your iOS device efficiently.
  2. Legally use the software without worrying about piracy or copyright issues.
  3. No risk of malware or viruses from using cracked license keys.
  4. Lifetime validity of the license on your computer.
  5. Official customer support service to resolve issues.
  6. Automatic app updates and new feature access.
  7. Can be used on multiple iOS devices you own.

iTools Crack

While you can find iTools license keys on some websites for free, they are mostly pirated and illegal. It’s always better to buy an original license key only from the official iTools site.

iTools Product Key

Furthermore, iTools Product Key is a unique 25-character activation code required to unlock the full version of iTools on Windows computers. iTools is available as a free download but comes with ads and limited functionality. To remove ads and get premium features, you need to purchase and enter the iTools product key during software activation.

Here are some major benefits of using a legally purchased product key:

  • Get access to complete app features like media transfer, AirDrop, messages backup etc. No limitations of free version.
  • Eliminates in-app ads for smooth and uninterrupted usage.
  • Legally activate and use iTools without infringing the developer’s intellectual property.
  • Malware-free activation as the key is sourced officially from the publisher.
  • Lifetime validity of the entered product key on your computer.
  • Receives all new updates and bug fixes automatically.
  • Official customer support in case of problems during activation.
  • Can reuse the key after OS reinstallation or hard disk formatting.

iTools Crack


Here are some of the top features provided by iTools when activated with a license or product key:

  • Media Transfer: Transfer photos, music, videos between iOS device and computer.
  • Apps Management: Install, uninstall and backup iOS apps and save storage.
  • Data Backup: Backup contacts, messages, notes, bookmarks to computer.
  • File Explorer: Browse and transfer files between iOS device and PC.
  • Ringtone Maker: Create and customize ringtones for your device.
  • AirDrop: Transfer files over AirDrop between iOS and Mac devices.

What’s New?

Recent updates to iTools with an activated license key include:

  • Faster transfer speeds for media and apps.
  • Added support for latest iOS versions (15.5 and above).
  • Option to transfer WhatsApp chats between iPhone and Android.
  • New AirDrop transfer feature between iOS and Mac.
  • Improved user interface for iTunes library management.
  • Bug fixes related to video transfer and apps installation.

So if you already own iTools, updating to the latest version is recommended to get all the new improvements and iOS support.

How to Use iTools

Using iTools to manage your iPhone or iPad is very straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install iTools on your Windows PC or Mac. Make sure you have the latest iTunes version installed as well.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using the USB cable that came with your device.
  3. Open iTools and click on Toolbox. This will show you all available features.
  4. To transfer photos, go to Media > Photos. Click export to save photos to PC or import to transfer photos to iOS device.
  5. For music transfer, use Media > Music. Click export or import buttons as needed.
  6. To install apps, go to Applications > Install Apps. Tap on app IPA files and click install.
  7. For backups, go to Toolbox > Backup and click what data you want to backup from iOS device.
  8. Make full or selective backups this way. Use the same feature to restore backups too.

That’s it! iTools makes iOS device management very simple through an intuitive interface.

System Requirements

To run iTools on your Windows PC or Mac, your device should meet these system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11.
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • Minimum 512MB RAM.
  • 250 MB hard disk space.
  • iTunes 10.12 or later.
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and above.
  • Intel processor.
  • Minimum 250MB RAM.
  • 250MB free storage space.
  • Latest version of iTunes.

How to Activate?

Follow these simple steps to activate iTools using a license key:

  1. Download and install iTools on your computer.
  2. Launch iTools and click on Register.
  3. Copy your license key and paste it in the key box.
  4. Click Register and wait for activation confirmation.
  5. A pop-up will confirm successful activation. Click OK.
  6. Restart iTools app to access all premium features.

The process is quick and easy. Make sure to use a valid license key sourced officially from the developer’s website. Pirated keys may not work properly.


  • Unlocks full functionality of iTools
  • No ads or limitations
  • Lifetime validity of license key
  • Regular software updates
  • Safe and legal to use
  • Access to customer support


  • License keys can be expensive
  • Risks from using pirated license keys
  • Activation requires an internet connection
  • Doesn’t work after switching computers


iTools is invaluable software to manage iOS devices but needs a license key for unrestricted access. While cracks provide free access, legitimacy and security concerns make them risky. For maximum safety, it’s advisable to purchase an official iTools license or product key. The investment gives you complete peace of mind for using this useful iOS tool.

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