PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack Free Download

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack is a powerful PDF conversion tool that enables users to easily convert PDF files into a variety of formats. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it makes handling PDFs a breeze. The software allows converting PDFs to common file types like Microsoft Word (.DOC), plain text (.TXT), EPUB ebooks, images (.JPG, .PNG, .BMP), HTML webpages, and Flash SWF files.

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack Free DownloadPDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack Free Download

This makes sharing and editing PDF content more accessible across devices and platforms. A standout feature is the advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology. It can detect scanned documents and extract text and images, converting them into selectable and editable Word files. This makes handling scanned or image-PDFs just as easy as normal PDFs.

The OCR engine has two modes – an efficiency-focused mode that saves time and a quality-focused mode that maximizes accuracy. Users can choose as per their needs. Besides conversion, PDFMate also allows merging multiple PDFs into one file, splitting individual or bulk PDFs, customizing page sizes, and adding passwords. This makes manipulating PDFs for sharing or printing easier. With support for batch processing, multi-language PDFs, and free lifetime upgrades, PDFMate takes care of most PDF handling needs for personal and professional use.


PDFMate comes packed with features spanning conversion, security, manipulation, and accessibility.

  • For conversion, it supports output formats like DOCX, TXT, EPUB, JPG, PNG, BMP, HTML, and SWF. Scanned files can also be converted to Word with OCR.
  • Creation of PDFs is enabled from image files, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Security is added via the ability to password protect converted PDF and Word files. Open and permissions passwords can be set.
  • For manipulation, files can be merged, split, and have their layout (size, orientation) customized. Multi-up options like 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 are available.
  • Accessibility across devices is enabled by output formats like EPUB, SWF, HTML, and images. Reading on mobile devices becomes easier.
  • Advanced features include support for multi-language PDFs, batch processing to automate workflows, and free lifetime upgrades.

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack Free Download

What’s New

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional receives timely upgrades to the software and the underlying conversion technology.

  • Recent updates have improved the OCR accuracy for scanned and image PDFs. More languages have also been added for multi-language support.
  • Compatibility has also been improved for handling latest versions of Windows 11 and macOS. Stability and reliability get a boost.
  • Some interface elements have been refined to enhance usability. This includes streamlining certain workflows.
  • Under the hood, the underlying programming frameworks have been updated to leverage the latest advancements. This keeps improving performance and features.
  • As an ever-evolving product, PDFMate aims to build in new capabilities based on technology improvements and user feedback. Timely releases reflect this agile approach.

PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack Free Download


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

  • Clean, clutter-free design
  • Logical grouping of conversion options
  • Previews for visual confirmation
  • Recognizes scanned PDFs automatically

Robust format support for conversion and creation

  • Wide range of output formats
  • Preset optimized for each format
  • Allows batch conversion workflows
  • Creation from Word, Excel, PPT beyond images

Advanced OCR for searchable editable scans

  • Automatically detects scanned files
  • Two modes to prioritize speed or accuracy as needed
  • Retains images and embedded objects during OCR

Encryption for securing PDFs

  • Set owner and user passwords
  • Define printing, editing permissions
  • AES 128-bit or 256-bit encryption
  • Secures converted PDFs and Word docs


Installer has optional extras needing manual opt-out

  • Offers browser extensions, Youtube converters
  • Needs vigilance to avoid unwanted add-ons
  • Privacy implications from data collection

Some ads and links visible on the interface

  • Can seem intrusive or unprofessional
  • Redirects to promoter sites on clicks
  • Affects brand image due to commercial overtone

Lacks automation capabilities

  • No command line interface
  • No macros or scripting language
  • Cannot integrate workflows with other software
  • Limited for advanced business requirements

System Requirements

PDFMate supports most mainstream Windows and Mac devices with the following system requirements: Windows

  • Windows 7/8/10/11 versions
  • 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Intel or ARM-based chip
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB disk space


  • Mac OS X 10.9 to later
  • Intel chip
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB disk space

Historically older operating systems have also been supported but may reach end-of-life during the product’s lifecycle. For browsers, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome work.

How to Download and Install

  • Downloading PDFMate is straightforward from the the download link below.
  • On the homepage, you can click the Download button and choose the option as per your needs. Both direct you to a safe installation file from the company’s servers.
  • The full-featured trial gives 15 days usage while the paid version has a perpetual license.

Installing involves a few typical steps once downloaded:

  1. Locate and launch the EXE or DMG installer file.
  2. Read the instructions and follow the prompts.
  3. Accept the license agreement after reading the terms.
  4. Leave default options unless you need a specific location.
  5. Wait for the installer to finish copying files.
  6. Launch the program when signaled. Sign up or activate if needed.

The process completes in a few minutes after which the software is ready for converting PDFs as required!


To summarize, PDFMate PDF Converter Professional Crack delivers exhaustive capabilities focused mainly around inter-converting and manipulating PDF documents for enhanced productivity. It empowers users with better control over sharing, securing, reformatting or reusing existing PDF content. Automation strengths may be limited but the tool handles most individual usage needs out-of-the-box. For those dealing heavily with PDFs on Windows or Mac machines, PDFMate deserves consideration as an everyday productivity booster. Also, Download Magoshare Data Recovery Crack

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