Tenorshare iTransGo Crack + License key [Torrent]

Tenorshare iTransGo Crack

Tenorshare iTransGo Crack is a data transfer tool that allows you to easily move your data like photos, messages, contacts, and more from one phone to another. With iTransGo, you can transfer data between Android and iOS devices without needing to reset or wipe data.

Tenorshare iTransGo Crack + License key [Torrent]

Moving your data to a new phone doesn’t have to be difficult or result in data loss. With Tenorshare’s iTransGo software, you can quickly and selectively transfer the data you want to keep between phones. iTransGo supports data transfer between Android and iPhone devices, even after initial setup.

The iTransGo software is available for Windows and Mac computers. After installing on your computer, you simply connect both your old and new phones via USB. iTransGo will automatically detect the devices. You can then select the specific data like photos, messages, contacts, videos, music, calendars you want to move to your new device.

With a few clicks, iTransGo will transfer your selected data directly between the phones. No backup or reset is required, and no current data on your new device will be overwritten or erased. iTransGo ensures all your important data seamlessly transfers to your new phone with no hassle.

Key features of iTransGo:

  • Transfers data between Android and iOS devices, even after setup
  • Allows selective data transfer of photos, messages, contacts, videos, music, calendars
  • No backup, reset or wiping required
  • Won’t overwrite existing data on new device
  • Simple USB connections to both old and new device
Tenorshare iTransGo Crack + License key [Torrent]

Switching phones doesn’t mean saying goodbye to your precious data. With iTransGo, you can easily take your media, conversations, contacts, appointments, and more with you to your new device.


Tenorshare’s iTransGo software makes switching phones and moving your data simple. Here are some of the standout features that make iTransGo the easiest phone transfer solution:

Selective Data Transfer

The key advantage of iTransGo is its ability to selectively transfer only the data you choose. You can pick and choose the specific photos, videos, message threads, contacts, music files, calendar events and more that you want to move to your new device. There’s no need to migrate everything or perform a full backup restore.

Transfer After Setup

Many transfer apps require you to move data before setting up your new phone. But with iTransGo, you can transfer data even after completing initial setup on your new device. This gives you flexibility if you’ve already started customizing your new phone.

Merge Data

Existing data on your new phone won’t be disturbed. iTransGo intelligently merges the data you select to transfer, so there’s no risk of overwriting or deleting your new phone’s contents.

No Backups Needed

You don’t need to create backups or archives from your old phone. iTransGo transfers data directly between the two devices via USB connection. This streamlined process avoids intermediate backups.

Maintains Original Quality

When transferring photos, videos, music and other media, iTransGo preserves the original quality and file formats. You don’t risk compression or downgrading.

Wide Device Compatibility

iTransGo supports data transfer for most popular Android and iOS devices. On Android, it works with phones from Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Sony and other top brands. For iPhone, it supports all models from iPhone 6S to 15 Pro Max.

Available on Mac and Windows

The iTransGo app can be installed on both Windows PCs and Mac computers, giving you flexibility. The installation process is quick and easy on both platforms.

With these useful features, iTransGo simplifies the process of picking what data to migrate to your new phone and making the transfer seamless.

Tenorshare iTransGo Crack + License key [Torrent]

What’s New in iTransGo

The developers at Tenorshare are continually improving iTransGo and adding new features. Here are some of the latest additions and updates available in the current version of iTransGo:

  • Direct phone-to-phone transfer capability – iTransGo can now transfer data directly between two phones without needing a computer. This makes transferring even more convenient.
  • Support for latest operating systems – iTransGo has been optimized for Android 14 and iOS 17, so you can use it with the newest device models.
  • Faster transfer speeds – Data transfer is now up to 2x quicker thanks to performance enhancements. Large media files like 4K video transfer reliably.
  • Partial chat history transfers – You can now select specific conversations in messaging apps like WhatsApp to transfer, rather than whole logs.
  • Auto-retry for failed transfers – iTransGo will now automatically retry any failed data transfers and ensure successful completion.
  • Dark mode support – Enhanced UI with support for dark color themes to reduce eye strain.
  • Step-by-step transfer walkthroughs – Added helpful setup wizards that guide you through the transfer process for smooth data migration.
  • Enhanced analytics and diagnostics – More detailed logging and diagnostics to pinpoint and troubleshoot any potential errors.

With these new features and enhancements, iTransGo continues to stay on the cutting edge as one of the most versatile and reliable data transfer utilities available today. The developers are committed to continuously improving the software’s capabilities and performance.


  • Simple intuitive interface for easy data selection
  • No risk of overwriting new phone’s existing contents
  • Preserves original quality of photos, videos, audio files
  • Saves time compared to manual data migration
  • Wide compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • Allows transfers even after new phone setup
  • Encrypted data transfer for privacy and security


  • Only transfers data one way, from old phone to new phone
  • Large media files can take time to transfer fully
  • Doesn’t transfer paid app data/settings
  • Requires both devices be available simultaneously
  • Computer connection needed for cross-platform transfers
  • Free version has limited functionality

While no app is perfect, iTransGo makes switching phones much less stressful by enabling quick and selective data transfers without extra backups or resets. For most users, the pros far outweigh the cons.

System Requirements

iTransGo is lightweight app that works smoothly on most common computer configurations. Here are the minimum system requirements:


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11
  • 1GHz CPU (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Minimum 512MB RAM
  • 200MB free disk space

Mac OS

  • macOS 10.10 Yosemite or later
  • Intel processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 200MB free disk space

Latest iOS devices like iPhone XS/XR/X and Android smartphones are fully supported. Both the sending and receiving device should meet official OS requirements.

For older computers, transfer speed may be slower but iTransGo will still work. The app doesn’t require blazing fast processors or massive RAM. Almost any computer used in the past 5-6 years should suffice. External hard drives can be used if internal disk space is low.

How to Download and Install iTransGo

Downloading, installing and setting up iTransGo takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Download iTransGo from the link given below. Click the download button and installer will begin.
  2. Run the downloaded setup file on your Windows PC or Mac to install. Accept the license agreement and choose install location.
  3. Once installed, launch iTransGo app. It will guide you through allowing USB debugging access on Android device.
  4. Use a USB cable to connect your old phone you want to transfer data from. iTransGo will auto detect it.
  5. Connect your new phone using another USB cable to your computer. The app will detect this device as well.
  6. The interface will display both phones. Now select the data types like photos, messages, contacts you want to migrate.
  7. Verify both phones are connected properly. Click “Transfer” button to start moving data to your new device.
  8. Let the transfer complete. Don’t disconnect devices mid-transfer. All your selected data will be migrated safely.

The straightforward install and setup works smoothly on both Windows and Mac. Within minutes you can have iTransGo moving your valuable data to a new phone or tablet the easy way.


Switching to a new mobile device doesn’t require starting your digital life from scratch. With Tenorshare iTransGo Crack, you can seamlessly migrate just the data you want in a few simple steps.

iTransGo eliminates the hassle of manual data transfers, backups and restores. You don’t need to factory reset your devices or risk overwriting new phone contents. Feel confident keeping your photos, chats, contacts, calendars, music collection and more when upgrading devices.

Compatible with latest Android and iOS models, iTransGo is the phone-to-phone data transfer solution trusted by millions worldwide.

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