TriSun PDF to Text License Key [Latest Version]

TriSun PDF to Text License Key

TriSun PDF to Text License Key is a handy utility that allows users to convert PDF files into text documents quickly and easily. Developed by TriSun Software Limited, this lightweight program can batch process multiple PDFs, extracting the text while retaining the original formatting as much as possible.

TriSun PDF to Text Crack + License Key [Latest]

The software works as a standalone converter, without the need for Adobe Acrobat or Reader. It provides a fast and accurate way to export PDF content into TXT files. Even locked or restricted PDFs can be processed, with all pages converted into a single output text file.

TriSun PDF to Text presents a clean and intuitive interface. Users can simply drag-and-drop PDFs directly into the tool or browse to select the input files. Batch processing allows handling multiple documents at once.

The output TXT files preserve text, images, tables, lists, and other elements from the original source. This helps maintain the flow and layout, making the exported content easy to follow. Users have praised the tool’s ability to accurately extract text from PDF while keeping paragraphs and fonts formatted.

As a productivity tool, TriSun PDF to Text offers several handy features. It can be integrated into the Windows context menu for right-click conversions. Command line support allows automating PDF to text extraction tasks. The software also runs offline, without needing an internet connection.

TriSun PDF to Text Registration Key

Converting PDF files into editable and readable text documents is a common need for many professionals and organizations. While PDFs are great for distributing formatted documents, their content becomes difficult to reuse and manipulate. Extracting the text from PDFs into workable text files preserves the original information while allowing full text search, editing, and processing. However, PDF text extraction can be challenging without the right tools.

TriSun PDF to Text Crack + License Key [Latest]

TriSun PDF to Text offers an easy solution, quickly converting PDFs into TXT files while retaining layout and formatting. This compact utility can batch process multiple PDF documents, unlocking locked files and extracting all text into a TXT output. The conversion is fast, accurate, and standalone – no need for Adobe software. Users simply drag and drop PDFs for text extraction.

As a productivity booster, TriSun PDF to Text shines with handy features like Windows shell integration, command line support, and offline access. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use. Individuals, teams, and organizations can benefit from its capabilities to liberate PDF content into reusable text docs. For those seeking an affordable, lightweight PDF text extractor, TriSun PDF to Text merits consideration.


  • Batch convert multiple PDF files to TXT
  • Retains original text formatting and layout
  • Fast, accurate text extraction
  • Processes locked and secured PDFs
  • Standalone operation without Adobe software
  • Supports drag and drop for easy file handling
  • Integrates into Windows context menu
  • Command line interface for automation
  • Works offline without internet access
  • Compact size less than 2MB
  • Protects privacy and data security
  • NO downloading needed, save locally
  • Support system-level context menu
  • Intuitive and compact interface
  • 100% clean installation
  • Report conversion progress and errors
  • Handles non-English text and fonts
  • Preserve images and tables in output
  • Retain paragraphs, headings, lists
  • Convert PDF bookmarks to text
  • Adjustable output text font size
TriSun PDF to Text Crack + License Key [Latest]

What’s New

  • Fixes issue with scroll bar position getting incorrectly reset when selecting rows
  • Resolves license validation falsely expiring for non-Gregorian calendars
  • Increases overall internal efficiency
  • Optimizes user interface response time
  • Improves text extraction accuracy
  • Enhances layout retention in TXT output
  • Supports more languages and unicode fonts
  • Handles larger PDF files more robustly
  • Fixes occasional output text encoding issues
  • Better preservation of PDF images and objects
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Clarifies wording of prompts and messages
  • Updates user documentation


  • Quickly converts PDF to organized, readable TXT
  • Extracts text accurately retaining layout
  • Batch processing to handle many files
  • Unlocks locked PDFs for text extraction
  • Tiny footprint doesn’t slow system
  • Easy to use with drag and drop
  • Context menu and command line automation
  • Works offline for anytime access
  • Compact and lightweight utility
  • Retains paragraph and font formatting
  • Handles non-English languages and fonts
  • Preserves PDF images and objects in output
  • Integrates seamlessly into Windows
  • Fast, efficient processing of files
  • Protects privacy with no uploading needed


  • Limited formatting like fonts/styles in output TXT
  • No options to customize text extraction
  • Cannot handle image-based PDFs
  • OCR functionality would be useful
  • Does not preserve PDF metadata
  • Simple documentation with no tutorials
  • Text output lacks original styling
  • Loses PDF bookmarks and links
  • No cloud connectivity or mobile app
  • Free trial version shows popup nag screens
  • Paid license required for unrestricted use
  • Technical support only via email ticketing

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • 1.93 MB free disk space
  • PDF file reader like Adobe Acrobat (optional)

How to Download and Install

  1. Go to the end of this page.
  2. Click the “Free Download” button
  3. Select a download location and save the EXE setup file
  4. Run the installer and follow prompts to install application
  5. Launch PDF to Text from desktop shortcut after completion
  6. Drag and drop PDFs onto the tool to convert to TXT


TriSun PDF to Text License Key provides a straightforward utility for extracting text from PDF while retaining document structure. It works quickly without bogging down your system. With batch processing, command line access, and seamless Windows integration, this compact converter can boost productivity for individual and enterprise users alike.

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